• Michael Phelps Now A Marathon Man Of Marketing
    Michael Phelps was all dry and smiling through a full beard when he met the media for a pre-ING New York Marathon event last week. Phelps, who is entered to run a 5K race prior to the 26.2-mile NYC Marathon, was there as a representative of Subway sandwiches, which is in its third year as an official NYC Marathon sponsor, and also as a supporter for his sister, Whitney, who will be running the event on Nov. 4.
  • Winning The Race In Mobile Marketing
    Racers in giant, state-of-the-art sailboats use the power of the water and wind to skim across the glittering waters of San Francisco Bay, and around iconic bridges, green islands and headlands. Fans cheer and listen to the onboard conversations and strategies of their favorite teams. It is the 34th America's Cup -- on mobile.
  • Football's Unique Selling Proposition
    Last month, I raised a yellow flag for those properties and sports marketers who looked to be over-reliant on the utilization of a single superstar to drive fan engagement and affinity. I closed my post with a subtle reference to how football effectively navigates around that issue. This month, I want to expand upon my perspective regarding how, in this era of increased leisure choices and a scarcity of time, football has found a magic formula that has helped elevate it to the preeminent position in sports. As research-driven marketing strategists, our work is often built around the identification and ...
  • Simple Rules To Improve Digital Marketing To Fans
    In the sports business, marketing business, or the "business of business," the best way I can describe being a digital marketer is to be an "agent of change." With the pace of technology and innovation moving at the speed of light, digital marketers across all industries are challenged to remain relevant in a rapidly changing landscape, while working to win more customers and reach a targeted audience in an increasingly crowded market. Easy enough, right?