• 10 Things You Should Know About Olympic Marketing
    On a flight recently from Dallas to New York, I sat next to someone who turned out to be the CMO for a Fortune 1000 company. As we chatted, she revealed that, in the 1990s, her previous employer's CEO had asked her to consider becoming an official Olympic partner. And while that particular chief executive left the company a few months later, the CMO had remained curious about the Games as a marketing platform. So we delved into it.


    After more than three hours, we'd hashed through many of the benefits and challenges of partnering with the US Olympics Committee ...

  • Opportunities With Emerging And Second-Tier Sports
    There are literally dozens of properties that are worth a closer look, and the time is right to take advantage of these opportunities.
  • The Great Escape
    Clearly, there is opportunity for brands in the leisure space to differentiate themselves along specific need states, and to leverage their marketing communications in ways that articulate these prevalent values.
  • Sacred Territory For Sale
    The standard in marketing is now being set by the new $1.1 billion home of the Dallas Cowboys, which expects to hold more than 100,000 people for Super Bowl XLV in 2011. There are 350 private suites, locations and venues with sponsors including American Airlines, Pepsi, Bank of America, Dr Pepper and MillerCoors.