• For The NBA's Nets, No Sleep 'Til Brooklyn
    The song that appeared on the Beastie Boys' 1986 debut album, "Licensed to Ill," predated by some 26 years the feeling that Bruce Ratner, Mikhail Prokhorov, Jay-Z, Brett Yormark and a bevy of others have this week as they finally see the light that is the Barclays Center at the end of a long and arduous tunnel.
  • Sports Sponsorships: Trying To Predict The Ups And Downs
    Of all the places for a marketer to be in sports these days, perhaps the most intriguing just might be the NBA. It might be in the midst of its next great era. (The last two being the Magic-Bird and Jordan eras.)
  • It Isn't Enough To 'Catch A Rising Star'
    I had the opportunity to participate in a Wharton Sports Business Initiative Forum on the state of tennis during the recent U.S. Open, and was struck by some intriguing comments revolving around what was needed to fuel interest and participation in the game. Top of the potential solutions was a perceived importance to identify and nurture a "dynamic and up-and-coming star."
  • College Football Is Back And Better Than Ever
    With the calendar turning to September, it is finally here - college football season. The fans aside, no one is more excited to have football back than the networks that deliver TV coverage. Perhaps the most exciting addition to college football is the rise of conference networks, which are still relatively new to the landscape. The Big Ten Network has seen great success thus far, since its creation in 2006 when it was the first cable start-up to receive 30 million subscribers in the first 30 days of existence (a good omen for the Pac-12 Network which launches this season). ...