• Jersey Logo Real Estate = Location, Location, Location
    The NBA took another significant step toward selling space on its jerseys when it unveiled a deal with BBVA last week to have the banking firm place its logo on NBA Development League jerseys during 2012 D-League playoffs.
  • Some Guys Have All the Luck
    Why online media wins during the NFL draft.
  • The Venue As Marketing Vehicle
    Everyone knows the old real estate adage of "location, location, location." In Marketing 101, we learned that "Place," while not defined literally, was one of the "four Ps" that drive marketing (product, promotion and price were the others, for those who forget the remaining three).
  • The Games To Get The Games
    While recently attending one of the country's biggest sporting events, my colleagues and I discussed how the event impacts the host city - specifically, an event in which the local professional team doesn't need to be in the championship. Topping that list is the NFL's championship game. (The Super Bowl, dare I say it without a signed release?) But, there are many other sporting events that fit the description. From the NCAA Final Four to the World Table Tennis Championships, major events are constantly seeking the best city to showcase their event. Currently, there is hot competition for the right ...