• What We Did During The Lockout: Marketing, Management, Marriage
    Just because the NBA games stopped didn't mean that the pro basketball marketing machine was waiting for a resolution.
  • Consumer Digital Video: More Than A Web Buzz Word For Sports Sponsors
    Buzzwords certainly make the Internet go 'round. From general categories like mobile and social, to the more recent consumer digital media phenomena like social games and daily deals, the Web churns out a constant stream of user experiences that enable new (and old) companies to connect with audiences in a meaningful way. There is one Internet buzzword, however, that has its roots firmly entrenched in old media, yet continues to grow wildly across all elements of the consumer Web: Video.
  • Lessons From A Sports Marketing Pioneer
    It's a shame that most of you reading this don't know Bruce Florine. Bruce is one of the first sports marketers that I ever met and, clearly, one of the best. It was some 20 years ago that I took my freshly minted Wharton MBA degree to Florida and the PGA of America. And it was there, alongside Bruce, that I began my real sports marketing education. Just a few years older than I, Bruce, myself, and several others, formed a dynamic team that current PGA CEO Joe Steranka had brought on board to help develop and execute Joe's marketing ...
  • NFL Sponsors Gambled And Scored Big
    Those of you who are loyal readers of this column (hope you're both well, by the way) will recall my last article where I wondered how the NFL lockout would affect sponsors' activation plans. My flawless logic went like this: sponsors have to lay their activation plans in stone, many months in advance -- especially, if they involve retail promotions. The uncertainty around whether there was to be an NFL season could have led sponsors to play it safe, in case their whole fall marketing campaigns went the way of the dodo.