MediaPost Weekend Editions for February 2018
MediaPost Weekend - Saturday, Feb. 24, 2018
Does An Agency's Advocacy Risk Losing Accounts?
As #BoycottNRA Gains Steam, Millennials Emerge As Key Riddle
National Rifle Association Honors FCC's Ajit Pai For Repealing Net Neutrality
Amazon Expected To Spend $5 Billion On Video Content This Year
Agencies,' Clients' Creative Excellence Blame Game, 2018 Edition
Ad Market Surges 11% In January
Oscars Have Sold Out Ad Inventory
Battle Over Net Neutrality Moves To Congress, Courts
Brands Drop NRA Co-Branding Programs After Customers Protest
Facebook Declines In Referral Traffic: Google, Pinterest, Others Rise
TV Has An Attribution Problem
Sinclair's Major Redo Of $3.9 Billion Tribune Media Deal
Chobani, Coca-Cola Tops In Olympics Ad Awareness
YouTube Issues Mea Culpa After Conspiracy Video Tops 'Trending' List
Excessive Frequency, Retargeting Account For Ad Blocker Usage
Punchy President Whacks Winfrey
Google Offers 'Auto' Ad Units, Uses Machine Learning To Automatically Optimize Ads
Fox To Start OTT Opinion-Oriented Fox Nation
Short-Sightedness, Sharks And Mental Myopia
WPP, Publicis, IPG Downgraded To 'Hold'
National TV Ad Minutes Rise, Up Nearly 4% Per Hour
Who's Backing The Chain Gang?
String Theories: We're Living In Cass Sunstein's World, Get Used To It
Charter Must Face False Advertising Suit Over Broadband Speeds
The Gun Debate: A Marketing Battle
Trump Sources Facebook Ad Exec As Proof Russia Didn't Meddle
8 Days In, Olympics Yields Dip In Viewer Numbers
We Are All Being Gaslighted -- And It's Only Going To Get Worse
Over A Third Of UK Consumers Say: Please Forget Us
MediaPost Weekend - Saturday, Feb. 17, 2018
Random Thoughts On The Coverage Of Another Massacre
Google Chrome To Block All Ads On Sites That Don't Comply With 'Better Ads'
When Google Plays 'Good Cop' With Digital Advertising
Google Discloses Results Of 'Exchange Bidding,' Boosts Publisher Yield >40%
We Are All Being Gaslighted -- And It's Only Going To Get Worse
Twitter, Facebook Up Efforts To Respond To Crises
8 Days In, Olympics Yields Dip In Viewer Numbers
FCC Chair Investigated Over Rule Change That Helps Sinclair
Over A Third Of UK Consumers Say: Please Forget Us
Assessing The Threat Of Ad Tech
Global Malware Report Confirms Prevalence, Role Of Advertising
Why Have TV Viewers Stopped Channel Surfing?
Netflix Costs TV Nets Billions In Lost Ad Revenue
Google Details How Its Chrome Ad Blocker Works
Drawing A Line In The Sand For Net Privacy
P.R. Genius Kim Jong-un Hijacks Olympics
Unilever Demands More - And You Should, Too
Unilever Unveils Blockchain, Threatens Billions In Ad Spend
Excuse Me For Being Direct, But So Will You
IAB's Rothenberg Details Direct Brand Economy Business Model
Desperate Rivals Can't Compete Against NBC Olympics
L.L. Bean Backs Off Of Continually Tracking Clothing After Purchase
Odds Are, You're An AI Laggard -- Already Too Far Behind
Beginner's Mind
Vermont To Require Net Neutrality
Tech Giants Weigh Streaming Bids For 'Thursday Night Football'
MediaPost Weekend - Saturday, Feb. 10, 2018
Media Stocks Take Big Tumble
L.L. Bean Backs Off Of Continually Tracking Clothing After Purchase
L.L. Bean To Continually Track Clothing After Purchase
YouTube Pulls All Ads From Logan Paul's Channel
Researchers: Anti-Ad-Blockers 52x More Common, Develop Anti-Anti-Ad-Blocker
NBC Plans Digital Ubiquity For 2018 Winter Olympics
It's Hard to Feel Sorry For NFL's Billionaires
Anti-Trump Late-Night Hosts Go Against Comedy Tradition
Viacom Buys Online Video Conference VidCon
After Wide Search, Horizon Finds Activation/Investment Leaders In House
'The Good Place' Is Very Good
IAB Steps Up To Educate Industry On Programmatic Advertising
Martin Has Left The Building: Remembering John Mahoney
Arthur Sadoun's 'Urgent' Mission To Transform Publicis
Snapchat App Users Grow To 187 Million
YouTube Usage Soars Nearly 30%
Hawaii Becomes Fourth State To Require Net Neutrality
Connected-TV Ad Spend Accelerating
Super Bowl Game Was Great, Commercials Were Not
High-Action Super Bowl Lulls With Lower TV Viewers
Comcast Considers Bid For Fox TV/Movie Businesses
Super Bowl Scores $414 Million In Advertising
String Theories: Is The NFL Broken Because It's Fixed?
Tide, Amazon, Pepsi Win Super Bowl; Ram, Diet Coke Are Duds
IAB: Blockchain 'Holds Tremendous Promise For Digital Video Advertising'
Attorneys General Weigh In Against Google Privacy Settlement
The Human Side Of Modern Agency Pitches
IAB Releases GDPR Advisory, Specifications
MediaPost Weekend - Saturday, Feb. 3, 2018
Super Bowl Buildup Topping Out
Sprint Introduces 'Evelyn' In Its Super Bowl Spot
Super Bowl LII Fans To Advertisers, NFL: Entertain Me, Keep Politics Out Of The Game
Marketers Bet On Digital To Drive Interest In Super Bowl Ads
Many Advertisers Going Local for A Share Of Super Bowl Hoopla
Minnesota Tourism Leverages Super Bowl Interest
Super Bowl Audiences Are In A 'Hot' State Of Mind; Will Your Ad Resonate?
Mucinex Celebrates #SuperSickMonday
Credit Karma's 'Max Your Tax Karma' Campaign Aligns With Super Bowl
Guac Lovers Run Amok In AFM's Latest Super Bowl Spot
Super Bowl Viewers Embrace Multiple Screens
Deploying VR Technology At Super Bowl Venue To Help Save Lives
Headphone Maker Monster 'Goes Big' With Super Bowl Ad
YouTube, Fox Sports Deals Paint Complex Future For Streaming Sports Rights
Fox Wins 'Thursday Night Football' From CBS, NBC
Publicis' Tobaccowala: Advertising Will Decline 30% In Next 5 Years
Publicis Groupe Rejiggers Leadership Team As Stoddart Departs
This Habit Could Destroy Us
And The Oscar For Business Strategy Goes To ....
CBS, Viacom Start Committees To Consider Merger
TV News Gets Springer-ized As 'Fire And Fury' Erupts On 'Morning Joe'
Google Tops $110B For 2017, Takes Hit On Profit In Q4
Amazon Granted Patent For Tracking Warehouse Workers' Hands
Sitcom Teacher Behaving Badly: So What Else Is New?
OOH Digital Video Has Bright Future
Pandora Restructures: Refocuses On Ad Tech, Audience Development
MBMG's Got Milk -- All Of It
Trump Falsely Claims Most Viewed SOTU Ever, Actually Ranks 8th In Presidential Nielsens
String Theories: Disney, Fox, Rupert Murdoch
President's State Of The Union Message: United We Trump
Q&A: Post Trump, Brands Need More Stories, Fewer Stands
The State Of The Ad Industry Under Trump: Not-So-Sanguine
Facebook Bans Cryptocurrency Ads
Netflix Spent More Than $1B On Advertising
The Rise Of Those Annoying Talking Robots
U.S. Looks At Nationalizing 5G, Says Report; FCC Opposes
Meg Whitman Hire Suggests Grand Ambitions For Katzenberg's NewTV
My Esteem For A Token
Digital Platforms In The Doghouse, Negligible Impact On Ad Budgets