MediaPost Weekend Editions for January 2020
MediaPost Weekend - Saturday, Jan. 25, 2020
Real (Serious) Time Blog: The Shift From Minutes To Seconds
Dentsu Aegis Forecasts 3.9% Global Growth This Year, 3.3% Next
2020 Consensus Remains Unchanged, Despite Dour Update By Dentsu Aegis
On The Eve Of Davos, Ad Industry Unveils Plan To Use Economics To Combat Unsafe Digital Media
Why Good Tech Companies Keep Being Evil
Plummeting Location Data Threatens Key Marketing Functions
Can Ad Tech Solve The Media Believability Crisis?
Advertising's Share Of Time Spent With Media Continues To Erode
What Does a Cookie-Less World Mean For ATV? Here's Comscore's Take
When Your Tech Smiles At You, Will You Smile Back?
What's The Story With 'Star Trek: Picard'? Don't Ask Me
Video Games As Part Of TV Ad Ecosystem
Pew Affirms Media Confirmation Bias, American News Consumers More Polarized Than Ever
The Shape Of Water: Vulgarity Clogs Awkwafina's Flow
New York Lawmaker Proposes Data Tax
Supreme Court Won't Intervene In Facebook Biometric Privacy Battle
Facebook Should Absolutely Ban Or Regulate All Political Advertising
Google Chief Calls For Suspension Of Facial Recognition Technology
Tinder Tries To Make Dating A Safe Experience
K-Y Asks: Wouldn't That After-Sex Glow Make A Super Selfie?
'Sports Illustrated' Launches Revamped Print Edition, Partners With 'The Hockey News'
Porsche Releases Super Bowl Extended Cut
Mr. Peanut Dies In Walkup To Super Bowl Snackstakes
Old Spice Reinvents Decade-Old Ads For New Audience
MediaPost Weekend - Sunday, Jan. 19, 2020
Media Agency of the Year: Mindshare
Holding Company of the Year: Omnicom
Client of the Year: Target
Independent Agency of the Year: USIM
Media Supplier of the Year: The Media Rating Council
Creative Agency of the Year: BBDO
Search Marketing Agency of the Year: 360i
Media Executive of the Year: Nick Brien
Marketing All Star: Andrea Brimmer
Marketing All Star: Fernando Machado
Marketing All Star: Lou Paskalis
Media All Star: Shane Ankeney
Media All Star: Nicolas Bidon
Media All Star: Jonathan Kim
Creative All Star: Kristen Cavallo
Creative All Star: Scott Donaton
Creative All Star: Terry Young
Ad Demand Falls Marginally At Year-End 2019, Records Highest December Ever
MRC Revokes Accreditation For Hulu, Extreme Reach, Protected Media
Hyundai, GM, Kia, Toyota, Porsche Prep For Super Bowl
NBCU's Peacock Launching As Mainly Free, Ad-Supported Service April 15
The Buzz Surrounding Joe For President (No, Not That Joe)
What Is It With Facebook Not Doing The Obvious?
Here's Why Facebook Won't Do The Obvious
Ad Industry Blasts Google's Cookie-Blocking Plan
Let's Get Uncomfortable -- Before It's Too Late
Washington Privacy Proposal Draws Praise From Some Advocates, Criticism From Advertisers
Ad Execs: Esteem Improving Even As Ethics, Regulatory Issues, Clutter, Consumer Respect Erode
How Can 2020 Be Year Of AVOD When Ad-Free SVODs Are Practically Free?
Now As One Company, ViacomCBS Ad Sales Undergoes Major Staff Changes Under Ross
Meghan And Harry Wake Up To Find The Press Playing Hardball
Verizon Launches Privacy Search Engine Powered By Microsoft
FTC Urged To Investigate AdBlock Plus Whitelist
Starcom USA Reorganizes Leadership, Taps Williams As President-CIO
Hanes Redefines 'Model Citizen' For A D2C World
Peak, Peakier, Peakiest
Trump Supporters Eye Buyout Of One America News Network
MediaPost Weekend - Saturday, Jan. 11, 2020
'Peak TV' Surges 152% Since First Benchmarked In 2009
Agency Founders Tomlin, Khabie Team To Launch Digital Consultancy
House Lawmakers Propose Expansion Of Children's Privacy Rules
Facebook Bans Deepfake Videos, 'Cheapfakes' Continue
Amazon's Next Frontier: Selling OTT Ads Outside Of Fire TV
At Victoria's Secret, JC Penney and Kohl's, Holiday Sales Fell
What Is It With Facebook Not Doing The Obvious?
Why You Will Never Know How Big The Australian Fires Are
Xandr's New Pause Ads To Roll Out Across AT&T Media In Months Ahead
Journalists Give Highest Marks To Twitter, Google For Combating Disinformation
Why I Don't Miss Fakebook, Er, I Mean Facebook
Facebook Still Won't Vet Political Ads, But Will Let You See Fewer
USIM Lands Broadband/Cable Provider Sparklight
Depressing 'Outsider' Is No Way To Start The New Year
Bloomberg, Trump In $20-Million-Plus Super Bowl Facedown
Like Howard Beale, Ricky Gervais Is Mad As Hell
NBCU To Enable TV, Digital Ad Buys In Single Platform
Smart Oven Thermometer: Little Things That Count At CES
YouTube Stops Serving Personalized Ads On Children's Videos
NFL Sends Google URL Takedown Notice For Streaming Content
This MediaPost Will Serve As Notification...
What Identity Means For Next 10 Years Of Marketing
Whither Dilly, Dilly? New Bud Light Seltzer Ads To Debut In Playoff Games
Greetings That Put Your Nerves On Edge: What Never To Say In An Email
MediaPost Weekend - Saturday, Jan. 4, 2020
Most-Read Stories Of The Decades
What Do La-Z-Boy, Breitbart And Kohler's New Smart Toilet Have In Common?
What Was The Year's Best Show? It's Gotta Be 'Sammy' On PBS
What Psssst You Off In 2019
2019's Fastest-Growing Brands
What You Read: The 'Search Insider' Top 10 In 2019
Who Won 2019's Political PR Race? (Hint: She's Not Even Running)
Laugh Out Loud Funny: The Legends We Lost In 2019
Mar-Tech/Ad-Tech Deals Ebb 15% In 2019, Focus On Specialty Services
How Dull Is TV Now? We Are Literally Watching Paint Dry
Pepsi Unveils First New U.S. Tagline In Two Decades
Do Not Miss What Is Happening In Australia
Media Stocks Post Mid-30% Gains In 2019; Roku, Trade Desk Soar
CES 2020: 175,000 Attendees Looking For Winning Products
MPA Promotes Brigitte Schmidt Gwyn To President, CEO
Arming The Militias
National TV Ad Revenue Slips Over A Two-Year Period
Are All Disruptor Execs Dirt Bags?
Spotify Suspends Political Ads In 2020
Obit: GroupM's Adam Smith, Dead At 58
Twentysomething: This Decade's Brand Is TBD