• Twitter Hires AmEx's Head Of Digital Partnerships As CMO
    Less than two days after news that several key leaders were leaving the company, Twitter has named American Express executive Leslie Berland as its new CMO. Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey welcomed Berland via Twitter this morning, confirming rumors that the former financial services executive would fill the role. Berland joins the company right as the heads of product, engineering, human resources and Vine all exit. At AmEx she oversaw advertising, media, sponsorship, content, branding and digital sponsorships for the financial brand.
  • In Canada, Technology Giants Dominate
    Ipsos Reid is out with its "Most Influential Brands in Canada" roster. The research has found that the most influential brands also tend to outperform on the stock market. In other words, tech brands dominate: Amazon, Samsung and Netflix have all moved up significantly since Ipsos first conducted the study in 2011. Ipsos chief operating officer Steve Levy said these represent brands that people interact with most often, as presence in people's day-to-day lives, more than advertising, correlates with influence. "You could refer to it as earned media," he said.
  • In Season Of Super Bowl 50, NFL Still Gold Standard
    Over the past two seasons, the NFL has come under more public scrutiny than at any time in its history. It has also continued to set the gold standard among sports in the U.S. regarding TV ratings, marketing and the power of its biggest game on the biggest stage, the Super Bowl. Pro football is two times popular than baseball, and six times more popular than pro basketball and hockey, according to a new Harris Poll from Harris Interactive. Pro football leads baseball by 18 percentage points, with 33% choosing pro football as their favorite sport and 15% selecting baseball.
  • Waze Offering User Data To Other Companies
    Waze, the Israel-based, Google-owned company known for its navigation app, has plans to get information from very active drivers. The Waze Transport SDK lets other companies apply Waze's mapping, traffic and driver-guidance data into their mobile apps. The new platform launched with six partners, including ride-sharing company Lyft Inc., emergency-dispatch technology provider The Genesis Group and JustPark Parking Ltd. of the U.K. Lyft said it will use the software to update driver routes in real-time when new riders get into their cars.
  • Is Walmart Express A Local Train To Hell?
    Small, locally owned stores have gone the way of the dodo bird in this country, not only in small towns, but in big cities like New York, where Sixth Avenue could be in Cleveland these days. Outside of New York, the death of local has been accelerated by a red tide of mega stores. Wal-Mart comes in like a broad-spectrum antibiotic on local business flora - the local family owned stores. When it comes in, local stores go out. Of business. But now Wal-Marts are disappearing, too. And that kills the towns, which no longer have local stores. Wal-Mart will …
  • Adidas' New Campaign Offers Dystopian Future
    Adidas is building a william Gibson-esque future and telling people they can escape it in a new campaign for Adidas Originals. The spot shows four real influencers walking through an urban future of gangs, dehumanized humans, gangs and and trash-can fires. Terence Neale filmed the campaign, by creative agency Johannes Leonardo, in various locations throughout Europe and Africa.
  • U.S. Bank Launches Brand Campaign
    U.S. Bank has launched its most extensive brand-building campaign to date with the help of Minneapolis advertising agencies. "The Power of Possible" includes TV, radio and newspaper ads, as well as social media engagement and other digital pieces. The campaign, which launched Monday, is about the range of possibilities someone has when partnering with the right financial institution.
  • Toyota Snags Two More Sales Records
    While it has yet to release its final 2015 results, Toyota is expected to retain its crown as the world's best-selling automaker, a lead it has held since 2012. But the Japanese automaker has two other victories it can celebrate. The Toyota Corolla was yet again the world's best-selling vehicle in 2015, with buyers snapping up 1,339,024 of the compact model. That's up 4.7% for the year.
  • Macy's Measures Impact Of Brand Ads On Social Media
    Macy's wants to take attribution on its social advertising efforts beyond last-click for direct sales. The company tabulated comments, likes, and shares as well as views to measure the impact of its holiday "Wish Writer" brand ad placements on social media. It also used Facebook's audience tools to target those ads to like-minded viewers.
  • Gap Hires Former Abercrombie Exec As CMO
    Gap, Inc., has tapped Craig Brommers, a marketing veteran from Abercrombie & Fitch and Speedo, to be senior VP and CMO for Gap brand. Based in New York, Brommers will be responsible for Gap's global marketing strategies and its execution across the chain's 1,700 worldwide locations. Only 12 months ago, the company said it would be eliminating global CMO roles at its Banana Republic labels. At the time, Gap also eliminated its creative director position.
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