• Most Of Gen Y Buys Groceries Online
    Nearly two-thirds of Millennials shop online weekly for groceries, and this demographic has the potential to transform the retail grocery business, according to new research released by Clavis Insight. Health and wellness products are what Millennials purchase most, with 69% shopping in this category at least once a month.
  • Naked Juice Will Change Labels As Part Of Settlement
    PepsiCo will revise the bottle labels on its Naked Juice brand following a lawsuit claiming that the labels misled consumers about the product's real ingredients. PepsiCo and Naked Juice explicitly denied the allegations but will proceed with a number of label changes, according to the case's settlement agreement.
  • Linda Bean And The Great Lobster Experiment
    Linda Lorraine Bean, the other L.L. Bean, has spent the last decade promoting her lobster empire, one that merged the cachet of her family name with the popularity of the state's top crustacean. But last month, she took to the national spotlight for a different reason: to defend bankrolling a political action committee supporting Donald Trump.
  • NASCAR Seeks Younger Audience With Monster Energy Sponsorship
    NASCAR expects to get a big boost in its efforts to broaden its appeal among Millennials and youths on Sunday. Not just from the action on the track when Daytona International Speedway hosts the 59th annual Daytona 500, but also from the new title sponsor of NASCAR's premier racing series: Monster Energy.
  • Reddit Is Being Manipulated By Big Financial Services Companies
    Reddit is being manipulated by large financial services companies with fake accounts and fake upvotes via seemingly ordinary internet marketing agencies. "I work with a number of accounts on Reddit that we can use to change the conversation. And make it a bit more positive," according to a marketing agency that said it manipulates conversations on Reddit.
  • Amazon Matches Walmart, Lowers Free Shipping Minimum
    Amazon has lowered the minimum spend threshold for free shipping back down to $35, matching a recent move from Walmart and reverting to Amazon's own previous minimum spend. Amazon's free shipping help page now indicates the lower threshold. The price drop, which wasn't announced formally, appears to have happened over the past couple of days.
  • NBA Players Declare Marketing Independence
    This weekend's NBA All-Star festivities in New Orleans won't be all slam dunks and breathtakingly bad defense. On Friday, about 100 of the league's top players and their union will huddle about something they haven't been able to discuss for 20 years: how to market and profit from their own collective images.
  • Breitbart Loses Ad Deals With More Than 1,000 Companies
    More than 1,000 companies have pulled out of advertising with far-right news outlet Breitbart, according to a database from Sleeping Giants. Kellogg, BMW, Visa, T-Mobile, Nordstrom and Lufthansa have all severed ties with the company. A petition for Amazon to cancel its relationship with the website has reached over 500,000 signatures.
  • Apple Changes Relationship With Lead Ad Agency
    Apple is changing the way it works with its lead advertising agency, TBWAMedia Arts Lab, as part of an effort to streamline its global marketing output. The agency's Apple team has been restructured to focus more on digital and local campaigns. It means the agency will do less work localizing its big global brand campaigns for different geographical regions.
  • Verizon Offers Glimpse Of House Of The Future
    The living room of the future is now a reality, here in the present, that is. Science fiction movies of all sorts gave birth to many interpretations to what the living of the future would look like. From artificial intelligence acting as overseers, to remotely being informed about who's at the front door, today's modern connected home is what we've been envisioning about the future.
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