• Verizon's $6.25B Acquisition Of TracFone Shows Value Of Value Brands
    TracFone's product is for wireless customers who either don't want all the latest doodads, or just can't afford them.
  • Get A Miller Lite 'Cantenna,' Stop Illegally Streaming Football Games
    It is, to be clear, a TV antenna -- shaped like a football goal post -- and a beer.
  • Diversity: Brands Miss Big Picture When Choosing Images
    New research from Getty Images shows that when it comes to visuals, consumers have very different ideas about inclusivity than your typical art director.
  • The Unlikely Star In New Walmart+ Ads? Genuine Diversity
    Spots for Walmart's new Amazon Prime competitor show family members focused on spending time with each other.
  • Nissan, Hyundai Return To Football, Whatever The Season Might Bring
    "College sports is the largest area of Nissan's annual media spend," according to Nissan's Allyson Witherspoon.
  • Campbell's Rejuvenation Efforts Get Big Assist From Pandemic
    In response to the gain in sales, the company boosted marketing spending by 115% in the recently ended fourth quarter.
  • Land Rover Reopens Experience Centers, Makes Driving Fun
    Expert instructor coaching will no longer be in-vehicle, but delivered via two-way radio communication, hand signals and ground marshaling.
  • New 'Know When To Say When' Ads From Anheuser-Busch Say It With A Mask On
    Anheuser-Busch is releasing a new "Know When To Say When" message ad -- with a social distancing subtext, and it's masks all around.
  • Old Navy, OKCupid, Reddit Are Activating Young Voters
    Americans may be among the world's laziest voters, but new efforts from well-known brands are hoping to change that. So far, it looks like more young people are planning to vote in November.
  • Automaker TV Spending Almost At Pre-Pandemic Levels
    In August, 8.9% of automaker ad impressions came during NBA games, while NHL games had 4% and MLB games had 1.9%, per iSpot.tv.
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