• InternetUniversity: Ad Blockers
    Recently there has been much debate over Gator. This small personal wallet application remembers user names, passwords, and contact and credit cardinformation to aid users in logging in to websites and filling out forms. People loved the functionality of the application but weren’t necessarily willing to pay for it. So in order to stay afloat Gator needed to find a way to generate revenue. By selling branded advertisements through its application it was not only able to make cash, but also delivered excellent click-through rates—as high as 26 percent in some cases. Many advertisers and publishers have complained that Gator’s ...
  • Case Study: Web a Good Fit for Adidas
    It’s show time for the sporting goods manufacturer, which spent less than 2 percent of its marketing budget online last year.
  • Research Behind the Numbers: Internet Use
    A recently released Census Bureau survey details the dramatic changes that have taken place over the past dozen years.

    A survey completed in September 2001 by the U.S. Census Bureau shows that the Internet has exploded as a commercial and communication tool, soaring from 18.6 percent household penetration in 1988 to 54 percent in 2001. “A Nation Online: How Americans Are Expanding Their Use of the Internet” found that Internet use in the United States is currently growing at a rate of 2 million new users per month.

    The report says that 60.2 million U.S. homes have a ...

  • Wunderman Interactive
    The Internet is the perfect platform for an agency whose founder is considered the father of direct marketing.

    When the Internet finally evolved into a medium in the late ‘90s, New York direct marketer Wunderman quickly understood the vast direct marketing potential that online could add to the advertising and marketing mix. In fact, the Internet, with its one-to-one marketing ability, was the perfect platform for an agency whose founder and chairman emeritus is Lester Wunderman, widely considered the father of direct marketing.

    Wunderman, founded as Wunderman Ricotta and Kline in 1958, became Wunderman Cato Johnson in 1992, ...