• 5 Questions For: David Moore
    David Moore is Chairman and CEO of 24/7 Real Media, Inc., an interactive marketing company offering online media, search, ad serving, and analytics services.
  • Cross-Media Case Study: Big Brown Goes Back to Basics
    The old-fashioned whiteboard, a staple in conference rooms across the world, is at the center of a new UPS campaign. The "What Can Brown Do for You?" tagline, first used in 2002, hasn't been erased, by the way. Rather, the new effort aims to update that concept by detailing UPS's products and services.
  • Markets Focus: Hitting the Wrong Notes
    With all due respect to sports and movie aficionados, music fans have flocked to the Internet in greater numbers than devotees of just about any other pastime. They chat. They advocate (and they pan). They download ("legally," of course). They do more with their browsing and bandwidth than many programmers.
  • In a League of Their Own
    Sports Illustrated is beefing up its Web site, adding news aggregation and other features, thanks to parent company Time Inc.'s recent purchase of FanNation.com, which combines social networking, news aggregation and fantasy sports.
  • Utopia and PR Don't Mix
    Welcome to First Life, where membership is free, where you can interact with more than 6.4 billion people, and where there's no server lag ... because there's no server.
  • Sports Sites Cast A Wider Net
    Ask the average sports fan to tell you about Web 2.0 and he's likely to wonder whether you're talking about an obscure statistical category. But through message boards and fantasy games, millions of them have been unintentional Web 2.0 participants even before the moniker existed.
  • The Hunters Are the Prey
    How do you reach families who hunt and fish together? After all, you can't exactly trek out into the wilderness and slap ads onto deer.
  • Cause Célèbre
    Off the top of your head, how many degrees separate Tyra Banks from Kevin Bacon? Chances are, it's less than you think.
  • Just Say Yes
    When glue London set out to increase brand awareness for Richard Branson's company, Virgin Money, the UK-based agency avoided the technical jargon and rate information typically associated with financial institutions.
  • Tinseltown Taps Video Sites
    Like executives in nearly all other industries, Hollywood players are scrambling to boost their Internet presence.
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