• Razorfish - MillerCoors, "Project: Cold"

    MillerCoors, "Project: Cold"

    Finalist Advertising/Promotion Web site or Microsite

    As history has proven, in difficult economic times, we Americans find solace in our booze. That in mind, Razorfish had the Key Beer Drinker demographic, dudes 28-41, directly in its crosshairs with its "Project: Cold" campaign for Coors Light. Greeted by a giant, rotating "cold-activated can" of Coors Light, visitors can learn all there is to keeping their brews frosty. In the sly "Know Your Cold" section, animated videos narrated in a Maxim-worthy ...

  • Catapult Action-Biased Marketing - Mars Petcare, US / PEDIGREE®
    Catapult Action-Biased Marketing - Mars Petcare, US
    Mars Petcare, US / PEDIGREE®
    Finalist Advertising/Promotion Web site or Microsite


    The Pedigree site entices visitors with their amusing videos of "crazy pet owners," which debuted at the Super Bowl and then encourages dog lovers to do a little good: for every video that is viewed, Pedigree donates one bowl of food to a local shelter. For those looking to for a new dog, Pedigree encourages visitors to adopt from ...

  • Carmichael Lynch-Jack Link's Beef Jerky
    Carmichael Lynch
    Jack Link's Beef Jerky
    Finalist Advertising/Promotion Web site or Microsite

    LivingSasquatch.com brought Jack's links signature character (from the "Messing With Saquatch" commercials) to consumers desktops - and desks. Using augmented reality technology, site visitors could make a video with their Web cams, controlling and interacted with the 3D Sasquatch. Videos could then be ranked and viewed on the site and shared on social networks and YouTube. Thus far, nobody has reenacted Harry and the Hendersons, but ...

  • Goodby, Silverstein & Partners - SPRINT, "Sprint Now"
    Goodby, Silverstein & Partners
    SPRINT, "Sprint Now"
    Finalist Banner: Standard, Flash or Rich Media

    When the "Sprint Now" banner begins, it's already an elegant visual treat. But the interactivity is where the ad really amazes. An extension of their similarly impressive "Sprint Now" Web site, the banner ad emphasizes living in the moment by streaming different real-time statistics, weather, sports and even playable mini-games into the pint-sized ...

  • Dailey - Intuit, TurboTax Twitter/Google Banner Ad
    Intuit, TurboTax Twitter/Google Banner Ad
    Finalist Banner: Standard, Flash or Rich Media

    Seeing an opportunity, as the Web's social media allegiance switched from Facebook to Twitter, Intuit entered the fray with a TurboTax Twitter ad. The banner, born of a partnership with Google and Twitter, soothed tax-time anxiety by streaming dynamic, real-time feedback to consumer questions about taxes straight from the TurboTax Twitter page. The goal was to recruit the social media audience, and enthusiasts ...

  • Organic, Inc.-Bank of America
    Organic, Inc.
    Bank of America
    Finalist Banner: Standard, Flash or Rich Media

     As any teacher will tell you, connecting with high-school students is hard enough. Getting them interested in finances is next to impossible. Still, Bank of America and Organic set out to do just that with their banner ad for "The Morris Code," one part of a series of "edutainment" sites designed to provide tips on the banking basics and the set-up of new accounts. Expanding ...

  • Publicis Modem-SUBWAY, "Fresh Take"
    Publicis Modem
    SUBWAY, "Fresh Take"
    Finalist Content Integration

    Subway teamed up with ESPN to create "Fresh Take," a weekly video series posted Fridays at lunch. Hosted by ESPN's Trey Wingo, "Fresh Take" fields fan questions, submitted online. Wingo is accompanied by a different sports personality each week and the ever-visible Subway logo in the background. The campaign aimed to give Subway consumers, many of which are sports enthusiasts, relevant, timely sports data. The webisodes, created by ...

  • CNET/MIndshare - Sprint, Palm Pre
    Sprint, Palm Pre
    Finalist Content Integration

    CNET and Sprint reached out to devoted CNET readers and encouraged them to sign up for a chance to test drive Sprint's Palm Pre for three months. More than 1,500 readers registered, and 10 were selected to put the Palm Pre through the wringer. Bloggers wrote about their experiences in a special advertising-branded section on CNET. Each blogger posted five times a day, catapulting the Palm Pre into the ...

  • OMD-Showtime, Nurse Jackie on Kindle

    Showtime / Nurse Jackie  on Kindle
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    Finalist Content Integration

    Think Amazon.com's Kindle is devoid of advertising? Think again. Showtime was debuting a new series, Nurse Jackie, one week before HBO's season premiere of True Blood. Showtime advertised its premium cable series via Kindle by offering the pilot script of Nurse Jackie as a free download. The script included show scheduling, and users could watch the pilot episode on ...

  • Tribal DDB - Mountain Dew Voltage, "Be a Power Player"
    Tribal DDB
    Mountain Dew Voltage, "Be a Power Player"
    Finalist Contest/Promotion/Sweepstakes

    Tribal DDB's "Be a Power Player" invited their target audience - teens - to play games, earn sweepstakes points and win free stuff - just by clicking. Links to social media sites heightened brand awareness among friends, and promoted their favorite flash games, straddling the line between pure pitch and fun. "Power Player" successfully encouraged users to replay, as more than 541K interactions were logged over ...

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