• Log Off: Print and Online Work Together, Not Apart
    Print content is just one stream for forward-thinking Web publishers.
  • Behind The Numbers: Invasion of the Podcast People
    Mobile content and ads blur on the podcasting frontier.
  • Buzz Focus: Surf's Up at These Hot Sites
    We know that tweens and teens spend the majority of their free time (and even some of their class time) surfing the Internet. Where they're spending that surf time, however, seems to be a big mystery. Well, wonder no more. Teens and tweens are drawn to Web sites that engage them on multiple interactive platforms, hold their ever-shrinking attention span, and give them a reason to come back. Check out some of the sites that have young people's keyboards constantly clicking:
  • Market Focus: Unscripted Coverage
    When Ian Schafer left his post as vice president of new media at Miramax Films in 2002, he was frustrated with the company's reluctance to promote its films online. "It's not that they paid no attention to it, but the attention was disproportionate to the amount paid to other media," he explains. "Basically, I started Deep Focus to state my case."
  • Industry Watch: Pharma Marketers Up the Dosage
    Consumers are increasingly aware that they must be proactive when it comes to their health. And there is some evidence that they actually are becoming advocates for their own healthcare. At the very least, it's clear that they're conducting more of their own research online.
  • Web U: Ten Steps to More Link Juice
    It's about creating and managing ongoing relationships.
  • 5 Questions for Steve Glauberman, CEO, Enlighten
    Q&A with the principal of the Ann Arbor, Mich.-based interactive marketing, Web development, data analytics, and strategic consulting firm.
  • Sporting Chance: Site Scores After Split With Fox
    When Sporting News' Sporting-News.com ended its partnership with Fox Sports last year, the site turned to its 5 million registered users to help grow its desirable young male demographic. Last fall, Sporting-News.com offered each registered user a free blog, a buddy network, and a ranking, from rookie (one star) to most valued player (five stars). It empowered users to comment on any story on the site and to flag inappropriate posts, which endanger rankings.
  • Track That Podcast!
    A podcaster can easily report how many people downloaded his show each day. But how do advertisers know they actually listened? Podbridge says it can tell them. When a listener subscribes to a podcast affiliated with Podbridge, she downloads software (just once) that measures whether she listens, when, and what ads she hears. She also provides -- just once -- anonymous metrics such as her age, location, and listening habits.
  • Ads, Meet Podcasters
    With more than 10 million listeners expected to download podcasts this year, advertisers hope to leverage this new media to reach consumers. San Francisco-based Kiptronic is attempting to simplify the process of matching podcasters with advertisers.
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