• Hot Jobs
    Are you interested in a career as an "experience architect" or "word-of-mouth planner?" If you even know what these titles mean, you just may be a potential candidate.
  • Whippin' Up a Frenzy
    PETA's betting on the longest shot on the board: a ban on horse racing in the United States. (Here's a tip, buddy: It ain't never gonna happen.) In the wake of the on-track euthanization of Eight Belles, the filly who broke both front ankles at the 134th Kentucky Derby, PETA fired up its PR machine.
  • Blue Bawls
    Do you Twitter? It's an important question for marketers, many of whom are tiptoeing gingerly into social media. Described as collaborative communication and "micro-blogging," Twitter now plays host to millions of the influencers marketers want to reach. However, marketers who overplay their hand may raise hackles in what is still a fiercely independent community.
  • Ads Backwards
    If you've got a captive audience before a broadband video kicks in, why do some sites tack commercials on the end of the segment, rather than the beginning? Because advertisers, in spite of what most people think, try not to annoy their viewers.
  • Logical Results
    This ain't no sci-fi. It's your personal phone number, right there on the Hi5 profile page you signed up for three years ago and never used, available for the whole world to see. Search for yourself on spock.com and that's just what you might find.
  • Je Ne Sais Quoi 2.0
    Package deals are nothing new, but they sound more enticing in French. Paris-based wonderbox.fr offers a themed gift "Wonderbox" with vouchers for thousands of high-end goods and services from a network of European partners, including travel company Thomas Cook and Virgin.
  • See Spot Mix
    It's taken more than a decade to get neighborhood bistros and tarot card soothsayers even vaguely interested in the most basic local Web advertising. Are they really prepared to roll out their own online video spots?
  • Spreading the Disease
    Viral ads tend to be experiments - stitched together by madmen. But Frankenstein-like experiments can spawn some odd monsters. Gather your pitchforks, people.
  • Panel Poseurs
    Panel spammers, serial panelists, professional respondents: Whatever you call them, individuals who use online panels to earn spare cash are compromising online research results.
  • Special Sauce
    Six athletes from far-flung countries awake with no memories of their past, bearing tattoos written in an unfamiliar language that will lead to the discovery of a 2,000-year-old mystery. No, not another Nicolas Cage thriller, but rather the secret of "The Lost Ring," a global alternate-reality game (ARG), created in a partnership made up of McDonald's, AKQA and lead designer Jane McGonigal, in collaboration with the International Olympic Committee.
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