• Cross-Media Case Study: Is That a Palm in Your Pocket?
    E-mail. Manage your calendar. Check the weather, sports, news and stocks. Book plane reservations for two. Win a last-minute bidding war on eBay. Call the restaurant you just looked up simply by tapping the screen. Oh, yeah, and slip it in your pocket when you're done.
  • Web U: Stay Master of Your Domain
    Changing domain names can make sense for many businesses but, like switching telephone numbers or e-mail addresses, it comes with a potential downside: Some people might not know how to find your new site. Even a significant site redesign can create problems if, for instance, your new site isn't optimized for search engines.
  • Creative Roundtable: Chillin' With the Cavemen
    Launched in January, the Flash site allows visitors to poke around the cavemen's cool, modern apartment, toying with their possessions. You can play songs from an iPod playlist, listen to messages for the guys on their answering machine, thumb through one of their magazines and rearrange their fridge magnets, among other things.
  • PointRoll's New Partner
    When ad technology company PointRoll agreed to become an AOL "preferred portal partner" in March, the timing was auspicious. Only a month earlier, it had gotten into a ruckus with Yahoo over its rich media ads being pulled from the portal.
  • The Widget Way to Wealth
    eBay has long touted an affiliate program that rewards smaller sites for sending traffic to the online marketplace. Now start-up AuctionAds promises to help Web publishers earn more from eBay via a downloaded widget that shows auction ads related to content on their sites.
  • Impulse Giving
    Whether downloading music, purchasing groceries, or reading through the day's headlines, it's easier than ever to speed through your to-do list with a few simple clicks of the mouse
  • Portal to China
    AOL recently launched a new Chinese-language channel, but skeptics are wondering whether the company will be able to gain any traction in the already crowded market.
  • Private-Label Ads
    Challenging Google's hegemony has become a cottage industry, as rivals seek to exploit gaps in the search giant's online empire. Among the latest is Fast, which is unveiling a new ad-supported search platform aimed at giving media companies another alternative to Google's AdSense.
  • Spanning the Globe
    Internet marketers today want to have their cake and eat it too. They hope to capitalize on the global exposure of the Internet, but realize the importance of personalizing offers to local markets. MediaSpan - a nationwide local ad network - is helping companies achieve both goals.
  • Who Knew Denim Was a Great Insulator?
    Care to lie out on the beaches of Mount Rushmore? Or maybe take a stroll through the exotic jungles of Paris?
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