• Internet IPOs: Hot or Not?
    For anyone worried about Web 2.0 morphing into Bubble 2.0, few signs could be more ominous than the return of the Internet IPO. So when comScore Inc. filed for an $86 million public offering, followed quickly by Dice Holdings' (parent of tech-job site Dice.com and eFinancialCareers.com) filing for a $100 million IPO, fears that we're back in helium land seemed to be confirmed.
  • Markets Focus: Tapping into the Mother Lode
    The top piece of advice expectant parents get is, "Your life will change - forever!" So true. Having a baby is not only the biggest upheaval in lifestyle most people will experience, it's also the one that requires the most shopping.
  • Log Off: Our Abbreviated Attention Span
    Imagine if this summer's biggest moneymaker turns out to be a 13-minute video on iTunes. Maybe that's not likely for this summer, but it's far from mission impossible for summers ahead. That's because the Internet is driving warp-speed changes in movie distribution models.
  • Industry Watch: Checks and Balances
    Financial-services companies have long been big online marketers, accounting for an estimated 12 percent of all Web advertising last year, according to research firm eMarketer. By 2010, financial-services companies are expected to spend at least $3.5 billion advertising online.
  • The Numbers Game
    When the folks at CNNMoney.com were rebuilding the site, it was a no-brainer that consumers would prefer an application pushing the latest stock prices and news to their browsers, without forcing constant page reloading.
  • Email Focus: Beware the Dark Side
    Senior marketing executives have caught e-mail fever. Marketing managers proved the value of e-mail by demonstrating its effectiveness as a marketing tool enough to justify increased budgets. And the non-marketing executives are buying into the ROI of using the e-mail channel. Score one for marketers.
  • Ed:Blog
    Here's one unequivocal prediction I can make for the coming year: Vonage will not lead the list of top Internet display advertisers at the end of 2007. (I know. I know. That's really cheating because the troubled Internet telephony provider has already announced a $110 million slash in marketing expenditures.)
  • Behind the Numbers: Go Slow to Grow This Market
    Online video might be popular with viewers, but whether it's profitable is another matter entirely. Currently, an estimated 123.4 million people in the United States will view online video this year, up from 52.3 million in 2003, according to research firm eMarketer. What's more, this year the majority of Web users who watch online video will do so at least once a month.
  • 5 Questions For: Matt Wasserlauf
    Matthew Wasserlauf is a 16-year veteran in the media and broadband advertising industry. He created and formed broadband company and online video network Broadband Enterprises in April 2004 and currently serves as the company's CEO.
  • The Big Spenders
    The rankings of top online marketers saw some major moves in 2006, but the big picture remained the same: Internet advertising continued to grow rapidly as ad budgets shifted toward digital media. Internet display advertising overall increased 17.3 percent last year, easily outpacing any other media category, according to data compiled by TNS Media Intelligence.
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