• Video Focus: Don't Let Ads Kill the Video Star
    Pandering to advertisers weakens the power of video sites.
  • Web U: Learning the New Rules of Search
    At a recent industry conference, I sat on a panel that took questions about organic search techniques.
  • Cross-Media Case Study: Shooting From the HP
    HP has ditched its buttoned-up boardroom image in favor of something way more hip.
  • Next-Generation Analytics
    "Clients have been telling us they've been overwhelmed by the incredible explosion in data about search. Their biggest need is more clarity in how to use it," says Rod Lenninger, executive vice president of iCrossing.
  • Shopping for a Home
    In the same way the Internet roiled the travel industry, it's eyeing real estate as the next big sector for radical transformation.
  • Measuring the 'cast
    Advertisers may be intrigued by the podcast, but assessing its ROI hasn't been easy. Many subscribers use services like iTunes, which means they're not going to dedicated Web sites to download each new episode. So the conventional metrics offered by Web hosters aren't leveraged.
  • Collaborative Culture
    As user-generated content gets hotter, companies are looking for a way to get involved without getting burned. LiveWorld, based in Los Gatos, Calif., designs, builds, and moderates branded online communities for clients such as Dove, HBO, and Mini USA.
  • Super Mail
    As the Internet titans - Google, Microsoft, and Yahoo - battle for control of the PC desktop with toolbars, instant-messaging apps, search, and other downloadables, marketers looking to get a piece of the desktop for themselves might consider a product like IncrediMail.
  • Saving the Message
    If you're as frustrated with e-mail spam and bouncebacks as most marketers today, here's something to counteract your slipping open rates.
  • I'M Ready for ITV
    We've been patient, but when exactly are we going to get that long-promised interactive TV experience - TV shows with clickable elements that marry primetime and the Web? While you're waiting (and waiting), try the new ad units at Instant Media's broadband HDTV service I'M Interactive (im.com).
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