• Cross-Media Case Study: Air Jordan
    In opting to market its Air Jordan basketball sneakers to a new generation, one whose youngest members were not even born when the retired basketball legend Michael Jordan won his first NBA championship, Nike knew it was taking a chance.

    "We knew that competition in the hotly contested athletic shoe space had grown exponentially since Michael played in the NBA," recalls Michael Smit, client director for Vancouver-based Blast Radius, Air Jordan's lead agency. "So just showing up to compete wasn't enough. We had to make it clear to everyone, one more time, who the real champion was - and ...

  • InternetUniversity: Scam Protection
    These days, it seems like every time you turn around someone is coming up with a new way to use the Internet as a medium to infringe on your privacy and rob you blind. Last year, it was "phishing." Today's buzzwords are "pharming" and "evil twins." So what exactly do these new words mean to consumers and publishers?

    Unlike phishing, pharming doesn't rely on e-mail to get users to divulge their personal information. Rather, it capitalizes on a vulnerability of Internet service providers (ISPs) that store Internet protocol addresses on local servers to speed up their connection times. If ...

  • Q&A: Michael Hayes
    Interactive marketing pioneer Michael Hayes was recently tapped by Initiative North America, a division of Interpublic Group, as vice president, interactive marketing. Most recently at 10th Degree and The Walt Disney Company, Hayes has been involved with online media since its birth, which offers him with a wealth of insight into the future. OMMA's Lynn Russo reports.

    OMMA: What ideas do you have to grow Initiative's interactive group? Hayes: One capability we're adding is advergaming. My belief is that the gaming business is now bigger than the motion picture business, and in 2006, it's projected to overtake books and ...

  • Original Programming Online
    Forget about TV this fall. Okay, we'll grant you an exception for "Desperate Housewives" and "Lost," both on ABC. But online industry players are really hoping that millions of eyeballs and attention spans gravitate from the TV to the Web as it becomes more and more a destination for original and licensed episodic programming.

    Unscripted reality TV shows like NBC's "The Apprentice," CBS's "Survivor" and "Rock Star: INXS," and Fox's "American Idol" have helped spur the drive from TV to the Web, as marketers see myriad opportunities for consumer engagement with such properties. Deeper involvement with shows that have ...

  • Market Focus: Teen Titans
    This just in, online media mavens: Teenagers occasionally spend time on the Internet. They play games, contribute to online communities, blog about topics both smart and silly, and grab every last nugget of information worth grabbing for school reports, future purchases, and more.

    And yet many mainstream marketers still treat teens as if they're a lesser species of online denizen, rather than a group that boasts the sophistication of their 30-something predecessors. Remember, Generation Y has grown up with the Internet.

    "Young people operate in this space on such an intuitive level," notes Dr. Pamela Kiecker, a ...

  • ClickPick: TalentZoo.com
    They say in New York you're always looking for an apartment, a date, or a job. If you're looking for that last commodity - no matter where you live - TalentZoo.com can help.

    TalentZoo.com, the Web site of an Atlanta-based recruiting firm, provides a clearinghouse of information for job-seekers and employees. The site's main feature is a searchable job board, which has national listings in the advertising, broadcasting, marketing, and public relations fields, with over 400 listings at press time. Job-seekers can post resumes and use the board for free.

    The site also features original content - ...

  • Don't Look Now, But Here Comes Podvertising
    New forms of comsumer-controlled media are popping up all over the place. Hitting your target today may require a major change in your ad strategy.
  • Behind the Numbers: Measuring Up
    That's the way the cookie crumbles. Or so it seems. According to the Web Marketing Confidence Survey by WebTrends, only 5 percent of business professionals surveyed felt very confident about the performance measurements they were receiving on their Internet advertising strategies. One fourth of the respondents felt they were "flying blind," two in five were fairly confident, and another fourth were only moderately confident. And these were producers who purport to be shifting ad budgets from traditional media to the Internet because "...the effectiveness of online ads can be better measured than print, radio, or television ads."

    Marketers identify ...

  • Agency Profile: AKQA
    AKQA is building a talent stable that looks like advertising's version of the New York Yankees. In recent months, the San Francisco-based shop has hired a cadre of talented executives that include interactive advertising president Kate Everett-Thorp (from Carat Interactive), global creative director Rei Inamoto (R/GA), and executive creative director Lars Bastholm (Framfab).

    "We try to attract a group of all-stars with a shared vision of creating what we hope will be the most influential creative agency in the world," says AKQA CEO Tom Bedecarre. One might wonder whether such stars could work well together as a team. No ...