• Dr.Ruth.com has STDs
    What happens when a sex-advice site gets ... infected? During the last two weeks of August, the first listing when you Googled "Dr. Ruth" was DrRuth.com. "Get some!" the search result said invitingly. "Dr. Ruth's personal website. Features her biography, products, recommendations, and relationship advice. From sexuality to sex tips, better sex is only a click away."
  • L8R G8R
    The word coupon has long been associated with old women who hold up the line in the supermarket as they dig through a purse full of dirty Kleenex to find that one magical clipping that will save them 25 cents on their cans of Meow Mix. 8coupons.com is trying to change that.
  • Suck It Up
    When HBO's marketing team heard about the latest show in development, they licked their chops. True Blood is a sexy suspense series chronicling the lives of vampires finally able to live among humans, thanks to a synthetic blood beverage.
  • The Star System
    You've got Jennifer Aniston lined up for your next Web series. Or maybe Patrick Dempsey. No? Well, you better lock one of them up, because digital producers are having a hard time getting projects off the ground unless a star is attached.
  • When You Care Enough
    The latest batch of college grads may be Web 2.0-savvier than anyone in the working world's ever seen, but when it comes to post-job-interview etiquette, many of them blithely stick their keyboards right in their mouths: They send thank-you e-mails dotted with hearts, emoticons and lol abbreviations, and sns requests for friendship status to the people they hope to call "boss."
  • Gross Negligee Alert
    Breaking news: Spam still sucks. But at least it's getting more interesting, both in technique and entertainment value. A recent wave designed to look like personalized news updates from CNN and MSNBC featured whiplash-inducing subject lines like "McCain Gives Up Fighting for Presidency" and the deliciously punny "Sarah Jessica Parker Arrested for Gross Negligee."
  • Fun & GAM3Z
    Ask the average 17-year-old girl where she shops for stylish gear, and JCPenney - home to mom-friendly brands like Arizona Jean Company - probably isn't on her list. But to cash in on the $31 billion consumers spend on back-to-college goods (per the National Retail Federation), the retailer is desperately trying to appear hip to college-bound girls. And how does one look cool? By abusing those dorkier than thou, obvs. Penney's Facebook fan page for a new furnishings collection called Dorm Life features an interactive online game called "Dork Dodge."
  • Getting Personal
    Susan Bratton kept hearing the same thing from advertisers when she pitched them on buying spots in her network of audio podcasts: Marketers wanted to carry the podcasts on their sites, too. "They wanted sticky, episodic content for their sites," she said.
  • Jailbait Jokers
    Just in case Miley Cyrus's toothy, Bratz-doll face doesn't already haunt your dreams, the Disney tween queen (aka Hannah Montana, if you're completely pop culture illiterate) is adding a new weapon to her Big Brother-like takeover of the world: the prospect of waking up with her.
  • 5 Questions for: Josh Warner
    We all know the holy grail of any online campaign: going viral. That rare moment when your modest clip debuts at the right time and right place and then, seemingly overnight, the entirety of Facebook is posting the link as a status message.
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