• InternetUniversity: Are You Ready for DHTML?
    The dust is finally dispersing from the Internet advertising implosion, and advertisers are noticeably less skeptical about trying new things online. On the technology front especially, Web browsers are getting more sophisticated with every release, and agency creative departments are finally taking advantage of the Web’s interactive features. One of their newly adopted favorites is DHTML — Dynamic HyperText Markup Language. This programming technology has been around since the release of Internet Explorer 4 and Netscape 4 back in 1998, but it was hard to take advantage of back then because each browser treated it differently and developers were ...
  • MediaSpeak: Guide to Online Terms
    Bounce—Percent of messages sent in an email marketing campaign that bounces back to the sender's box because they were undeliverable due to addressing errors. Click-Stream Data—Type of preference/behavioral information a website collects about its visitors. Consists of such parameters as referring website (where visitors come from), time, browser type, operating system of computer, and IP address. Dynamic Ad Placement—Process by which an ad is inserted into a page, in response to a user's request versus a static or hard-coded ad placed on a page. With sophisticated ad server tools, ad placement can be determined by a visitor's usage ...
  • Research Behind the Numbers: AdKnowledge
    Is the branding impact of Internet advertising greater than you think?
  • Primetime for Webcasts?
    They’re the ultimate in sticky content, but are webcasts a good investment? Absolutely—if you approach the buy the right way.
  • FutureTool: Spinway’s Big Backend
    Kmart, Yahoo and Spiegel joined up because their customers like the free Internet access—and the ads they see while connecting to it.
  • Choosing an Ad Network
    Online advertising networks are here to stay. Here's how to tell them apart--and decide which ones work best for you.
  • Clickpicks: Best Sites for Media Job Hunting, Online and Off
    As the Internet economy grows, and more jobs are created, media professionals are finally in a unique and enviable position—they are in demand. But where do you find that next career-launching job? Major newspapers like The New York Times are still a key source, but they tend to list mid- and entry level positions. ADWEEK and MEDIAWEEK own the magazine sector. Online, there are a growing number of very advantageous sites that list thousands of jobs. You just have to filter the listings using the tools available. Again, the jobs listed are generally mid- and entry level, but occasionally ...
  • InternetUniversity
    Paranoids can relax. As it turns out, Big Brother is optional.
  • MediaSpeak: Guide to Online Terms
    Corporate Newsletter—Consists of email sent to customers on a regular schedule with promotional content. E-zine (aka Webzine)—Email magazine/newsletter sent frequently with editorial content, such as articles, news, and other useful information. Sponsored Newsletter—Web and print publishers’ email digests and newsletters that contain advertisements that target niche audience segments (both B2B and B2C). Discussion List—Email list in which members can discuss one or more topics by posting messages for other members viewing and response. Typically, a list moderator has to approve all posts in order to prevent Spam or off-topic message posts. Opt-in—Email list that consists of ...
  • Research Behind the Numbers: Ad Projections
    Online revenue will rise to $22 billion—wait, make that $33 billion.
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