• The Rosy Local Forecast
    Local Internet advertisers are battening down the hatches in 2009, preparing for a harsh year ahead. But despite the tanking economy, local ad dollars in digital media will still rise in 2009, at least as far as Borrell Associates can see through its rose-colored glasses.
  • Markets Focus: What's Up, Doc?
    Now that Dr. Nicholas Genes is an academic chief resident at Mount Sinai School of Medicine, he doesn't have as much time to keep up with his own blog or with Grand Rounds, a medical-blog index he founded; these days, other emergency doctors share aggregating duties there.
  • Industry Watch: The Soft Economy
    Back when tweens and teens and twenty-somethings wore poodle skirts and white socks with black penny loafers, the social hot spot was the local soda shop. And as all trends do, this one is coming around again-- this time in digital form--as leading soft drink manufacturers attempt to turn their Web sites into popular social hangouts.
  • Cross-Media Case Study: Air Power
    When Nike set out to market its Air Force 25 basketball shoe in January 2007 (which also celebrated the 25th anniversary of the seminal Air Force 1), the Beaverton, Ore.-based athletic apparel giant, along with longtime agency Wieden + Kennedy, did what you might expect: They went big, creating an epic 60-second commercial, grandly titled, "The Second Coming," featuring 10 of the biggest names in the NBA, including Kobe Bryant, LeBron James and Tony Parker.
  • Ed:Blog
    Remain calm, reader. As we write this from OMMA's secret underground bunker (except for Editor Pollice, who is in seclusion at an undisclosed location) and gaze out at the destruction all around, we can't help but think back to last year's Survival Guide. As Laurie Petersen pointed out in this space back in the happy, carefree days of late 2007, it might seem presumptuous to engage in this sort of activity. For instance, who thought things would go so bad so quickly?
  • 10 Things You Need To Know About Gaming
    1. Consoles become the "smartest" household appliance. With the emergence of day-and-date downloadable content, multiplayer networks, social features, media connectivity, virtual marketplaces - heck, even a virtual world - consoles are going to be plugging into the network.
  • 10 Things You Need To Know About Video
    1. The industry needs to evolve from measuring video streams to tracking branded entertainment, too, says Cameron Death, vice president of digital content at NBC Universal.
  • 10 Things You Need To Know About Metrics
    1. The three screens will become one. "Understanding how people consume media across these three channels, what the best ad models for each of them are, and defining the metrics that work from both a buyer's and a seller's perspective will be critical," says Mainak Mazumdar, senior vice president for measurement science and development at Nielsen Online.
  • 10 Things You Need To Know About Social
    1. Sure, the evil corporate overlords just destroyed your plan to invest in all sorts of listening technologies. Your customers don't care and will expect you to hear their concerns, anyway. According to new data from Forrester Research, in the second quarter of 2007, 25 percent of the online audience called themselves "critics" who contribute to the social media discussion; in the second quarter of 2008, 37 percent did.
  • 10 Things You Need To Know About Search
    1. Tough economic times make companies cut budgets to the bones. Any money they do spend has to work harder. This is good news for search advertising, the most measurable of direct-response advertising - and agencies keep reminding advertisers that a bad economy is the best time to advertise. JupiterResearch analyst Evan Andrews predicts the search marketing industry will continue to thrive, with a 13 percent compound annual growth rate through 2013. He says, "Agencies see search as a safe haven for their marketing investments. You can track every click and conversion, down to the penny."
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