• Cross-Media Case Study:Maxed Out
    A PSA tackles the credit crisis one person at a time When Lowe New York began working on a pro bono Control Your Credit-themed psa campaign for the U.S. Department of Treasury and The Ad Council, designed to teach 18- to 24-year-olds the importance of managing their credit responsibly, no one involved could have predicted that the campaign's launch last September would coincide with a crippling credit crisis that began in the United States and spread worldwide.It was coincidental but fortuitous timing: …
  • Sticky Situation
    HoneyShed oozes into online shopping By Christine ChampagneAfter tons of buzz and a lengthy beta run, honeyshed.com officially opened for business last November. An independent venture backed by Publicis Groupe, Droga5 and production company Smuggler, the site employs hundreds of videos ranging in tone from silly to sexy to very sexy to sell cool products ranging from Shu Uemura false eyelashes to Puma sneakers designed by Alexander McQueen to a Volvo c30. (Wait, since when are Volvos cool?)Aimed at 17- to 27-year-olds and widely …
  • 5 Questions for Diane Holland
    Chief Financial Officer Surely there’s no better trial-by-fire to prepare oneself for a career in finance than by keeping tabs on the spending of a rock band. It certainly worked for Schematic’s chief financial officer, Diane Holland, who managed and audited the London-based alternative rock band Headcleaner in the mid-1990s. In her adventures with Headcleaner, Holland traveled across Europe, successfully avoiding any regrettable altercations with overzealous groupies. “People get really excited about music they love, so I’ve met some characters, but nothing unfortunate,” she says.While Holland later parlayed her experience at EMI records into tracking FOX Television’s financials, …
  • WebU:Old New-Media Monetization Model
    Do a Google search sometime on the topic of monetizing social networks, and you're bound to get results that include words and phrases such as "pitiful," "the worst" and "users ignore."
  • Facebook the Music
    All the readers of omma can run through their own lists of "advertising will never be the same" moments. The magnitude of the change is unquestionable. And the velocity will only increase. Does that mean companies so central to this change never need to learn to be marketers? Never need to grow brand loyalists or retain users?
  • Listening in 140 Characters or Less
    Twitter might be littered with pointless updates on burrito eating and napping habits, but it's also become a cheap and vital tool for companies to keep in touch with their customers.
  • Trolling for an Audience
    Professionals connect on LinkedIn. Lonely housewives login to CafeMom. Attention whores flock to MySpace, Twitter, and Facebook. So it only seems natural that the latest social networking platform caters to an oft-overlooked demo: obsessive fans of Broadway musicals and DreamWorks' Shrek. Or something.
  • Is that Pen in Your Pocket?
    How do you sex up a pen? That was the problem for marketers of Pentel's Hyper-G eco-friendly pen. To up the ante, the Hyper-G is aimed at digitally driven college students. Hey, they still need an old-fashioned stylo once in a while, don't they?
  • Meat Martyrs
    You know all that dead weight your Facebook account drags around in the form of extraneous work acquaintances, one-night stands and middle-aged family members who only recently discovered the Internet? Thanks to Burger King, you now have quite the compelling excuse to finally cull them from the herd.
  • Cookie Cutter
    I buy a gift online for my niece every Christmas, which results in my getting dozens of children's catalogs all year long. I don't mind my data being collected, but I wish marketers understood that I'm not interested in Lite-Brite, Play-Doh and Legos 11 months out of the year. And that is where consumer purchase intent data exchange BlueKai hopes to change targeting.
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