• Log Off: Hold the Obituary for Newspapers
    Local ad networks need to catch up with readers who have migrated to the Web.
  • Behind The Numbers: The Digital Divide Narrows
    Advertisers tune in to the African-American market.
  • Markets Focus: Four Who Got Game
    Learn what makes a good online sports campaign from these case histories.
  • Industry Watch: The Web Takes the Wheel
    Automakers boost traffic with new media options.
  • 5 Questions For: GM Planworks' Curt Hecht
    You could say GM Planworks had a very good year in 2005. The Publicis Groupe unit, which is the dedicated media planning shop for General Motors, added buying duties for the automaker to its portfolio late last year after a review.
  • Click Lines
    Performance marketing network MIVA, Inc. has a new suite of campaign management tools designed to give its pay-per-click network clients tighter control over their keyword search management and spending. "If you know your return on investment is better from clicks you get between 9 a.m. and 5 p.m., you can set your campaign to only run between those hours," explains Tom Wilde, senior vice president of MIVA North America. The new tools enable clients to do geographic routing, create search-term groupings under a single campaign, create and manage scheduling, include start and end dates and days of the week, set …
  • Creative Roundtable: The 'It' Factor
    Doug Jaeger, Rob Hudak, and Joe Jaffe dissect eBay's latest campaign with OMMA's Gavin O'Malley
  • Beyond the Blind Reach
    The selling point of ad networks has always been their ability to offer online advertisers a way to target the universe of Internet sites beyond the big portals. Until recently, they've offered mostly blind reach. In order to achieve finely calibrated targeting, advertisers execute buys at high premiums from specialized technology firms. Now ad network Vendare Media has introduced a suite of four targeting products designed to bring client campaigns beyond blind reach. Vendare's "InFocus" is designed to enable clients to target messages across its network of more than 2,000 sites. Using a tool called "InReach," advertisers can control …
  • Clip Stream
    Attention, marketers: Applications and hosted services provider SiSTeR Technologies offers a Web-based tool that automatically generates streaming video clips for listed products with voiceovers, photos, and text. It would be a stretch to call it rich media, but with SiSTeR's new Pic2Vid tool, retailers can create simple 45-second audio/video commercials in less than an hour on a boot-string budget. "Imagine the impact of replacing the thousands, tens of thousands, or even millions of static product photos on a Web site with low-cost, production-quality audio/video commercials," says Israel Alpert, president and CEO of SiSTeR. "The challenge now for marketers is …
  • Express Yourself
    How do you reach hyper-involved, overextended, yet fickle teens? Like, duh -- instant messaging. "If you have the opportunity to put your products in the IM environment, that's something you jump at," says Samantha Skey, Alloy's senior vice president of media and marketing. Now Bandalong Entertainment offers imstar*, an instant-messaging program for teen girls and college-age young women. Since debuting last fall, it has attracted a host of A-list partners, including Fuse TV, Aeropostale, and Baby Phat. Bandalong's imstar* places a premium on personal expression: Users can customize a three-dimensional IM character's hair, skin tone, and wardrobe. Imstar* also …
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