• Log Off: Talkin' 'Bout MyGeneration
    It's impossible to get through a day of news and blogs without mention of MySpace, YouTube, or Facebook.
  • Behind the Numbers: Below-the-Line Media Hits Big
    Targeted channels show the strongest growth Spending on below-the-line (BTL) media — targeted channels such as online, search, direct mail, direct response TV (DRTV), direct response print, inserts, and promotions — is growing at a faster pace than spending on more mature above-the-line (ATL) counterparts, which include television, radio, newspapers, magazines, and yellow pages. According to “Tracking the Trends: A Comparison of Above-the-Line & Below-the-Line Expenditure Trends,” by v12 and Winterberry Group, BTL spending is projected to grow an average of 7.8 percent annually from 2003 to 2007, compared with 5.5 percent average annual growth …
  • Search Focus: Leading With Search Behavior
    Traditional advertisers could learn a thing or two from search marketing
  • E-Mail Focus: Break Down the (Empty) Silos
    When you hear about a good case study on an e-mail campaign, all too often it's just that--an e-mail campaign.
  • Markets Focus: Time for Online Show and Tell
    If you're reading this story to get tips for an online back-to-school campaign--well, you're kinda out of luck.
  • Web U: Double Double Content Trouble
    The major search engines have done a great job of creating and crafting the concept of the Duplicate Content Bogeyman.
  • 5 Questions for Susanne Lyons, CMO, Visa USA
    As chief marketing officer of Visa USA, Susanne Lyons orchestrated the launch of the credit card company's first new brand campaign in 20 years.
  • Pay-Per-Call Gets Connected
    Given the industry's obsession with search engine marketing, it's easy to forget that up to 70 percent of small businesses are service-oriented.
  • Cry Babies
    Many mainstream advertisers are still unsure whether to enter MySpace, the popular social networking site recently purchased by Rupert Murdoch’s News Corp. They’re deterred by the racy user-generated content that often results when real humans — teenagers, specifically — express themselves. And then there’s Pimpfants. Yes, that’s a combination of the words “pimp” and “infants,” and yes, it’s a brand — a brand of clothing for small children. According to its Web site, Pimpfants is “more than a name, it’s a movement,” intent on “allowing babies and tots everywhere...to hit the playground with fresh gear and street …
  • Phishing for Sport
    Proving that even security can be a laughing matter, software provider Symantec took a comedic path to educate about online theft.
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