• Agency of the Year: Gold -- Digitas

    With its newsroom approach to real-time brand storytelling, Digitas continues to create campaigns with Page-One punch

    On Monday, Feb. 27th, when a race car veered off course and crashed into an industrial dryer spilling a couple of hundred gallons of highly flammable jet fuel onto the Daytona International Speedway, it appeared that the 2012 Daytona 500 might be over with 40 laps left to go. But the track crew quickly extinguished the flames, and then a remarkable marketing opportunity occurred: They began pouring boxes of Tide powered detergent on the ...

  • Agency of the Year: Bronze, Design -- Digitaria
    What makes Digitaria stand out is that their approach to design is nearly indistinguishable from their approach to any other facet of a campaign. "The definition of great design is making people care and teaching them something. Whatever makes sense to the people is what should matter," says Daiga Atvara. And Digitaria did just that with the campaigns, creating beautiful experiences with which consumers could both identify and interact.
  • Agency of the Year: Silver -- AKQA

    The reason this company keeps winning, year after year? It’s taken its magic far beyond traditional definitions of advertising, romancing every platform it can find by

    Ad agencies haven’t traditionally been in the business of product development. But advertising isn’t traditional anymore. The work AKQA has executed in the last year exemplifies the changing role of ad agencies today. Delivering a media buy is no longer enough, and agencies are finding they need to not only create content, but also to help their clients develop products.

  • Agency of the Year: Bronze, Mobile -- PHD

    To reach the fast-growing audience of smartphone owners, Omnicom's PHD isn't afraid to pump up the noise.

    For five days in October, Omnicom media agency PHD staged an experimental theatre production called Mobility Week in its midtown Manhattan offices.

    Cast and crew included most of its staffers, more than 20 of its client companies, and 40 industry thought leaders representing all things mobile: technology, inventory, analytics, audience, and apps. On each day of this mini-conference, PHD presented panel discussions and hands-on demonstrations on a different mobile ...

  • Agency of the Year: Bronze, Search -- Covario

    San Diego-based Covario’s commitment to clients results in increases in traffic, conversion rates and sales. But what really sets it apart?  Eclectic thinking

    The elevator doors open to a white and orange Covario sign painted on the wall. It ties into the company's latest branding campaign sporting an image on its Web site home page of a white-haired Einstein with an orange streak, symbolizing intelligence with a twist.

    A few steps into the reception area and the space takes on a high-tech, real-time agency feel: The ...

  • Agency of the Year: Bronze, Media Planning -- mediahub/Mullen

    For its strategic breakthroughs, mediahub/Mullen goes beyond asking what to buy. Instead, it creates an enduring love story between the traditional and digital realms. Think of it as Media with a capital M.

    Even before winning National Geographic and hitting a homerun campaign for JetBlue, John Moore knew 2012 was going to be a big year for mediahub.

    Sure, Moore and his team had seen success since he joined Mullen’s media-planning and -buying shop in 2009. They quickly won the JetBlue account, set up a enviable mobile ...

  • Agency of the Year: Bronze, Creative -- Wieden + Kennedy

    From making moms the star of the Olympics to its Southern Comfort everyman, Wieden + Kennedy continues to solve the industry’s problems, creating breakthrough + formulas

    Can an agency institutionalize creativity? The consistent success of Wieden + Kennedy, the quirky Portland-based network that was long known as the “Just Do It” guys, certainly makes it seem possible, if not easy. To the agency’s long list of creative awards and acknowledgments, including its fourth straight Emmy for a Procter & Gamble commercial won earlier this year, the still-independent shop ...

  • Ed:Blog

    While choosing OMMA Agency of the Year winners is never easy, making the final cuts this year had us on the edge of our seats. In part, we can blame that on the way the interdisciplinary lines in digital marketing continue to fade away. Almost every agency we considered in one category could also have been a candidate in every other category, whether in social, mobile, design or creative; every one of them could make an argument for all-around greatness.

    But in part, it’s ...

  • Agency of the Year: Bronze, Small Agency -- 72andSunny
    With 300 people, the eight-year-old agency may not be as large as jwt or Havas. But trust us -- you've seen plenty of 72andSunny's work. And you've probably liked it.
  • Agency of the Year: Bronze, Social -- Pereira & O'Dell

    Thinking far beyond Facebook and branded content, Pereira & O’Dell knows how to put on a show that the world can’t wait to share

    Pereira & O’Dell had two defining moments in 2012.

    One arrived early, in January, when the San Francisco–based agency bid farewell to its largest client, the University of Phoenix, declining to participate in a review for the business.

    “We knew it was going to change the agency, alter our course forever,” says CEO Andrew O’Dell.

    Though the account had helped put ...

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