• The Season of Our Discontent
    In many ways, this year brings a fall TV season like any other: new shows, the NFL and the World Series. But in some ways, the season will be unlike past years. Will I catch the Steelers game online? Check the score on my cell-phone in the grocery store?
  • Behind The Numbers: Internet Ads in the Bull's Eye
    In projecting nearly $62 billion in Internet advertising by 2011, Veronis Suhler Stevenson got the attention of media types deep in midsummer vacation mode last month. The media-focused private equity firm further predicted that the Internet would become the single biggest ad segment, outpacing newspapers and broadcast TV in four years.
  • Markets Focus: One Size Does Not Fit All
    Advertisers are not always sure how to proceed when marketing to gay and lesbian consumers. But those who can read between the lines and understand the nuanced gay identity can make matches that last.
  • Creative Roundtable: From a Tease to ZZZZZs
    We gathered a trio of digital experts to ask what they make of Wakeyz.com, the Select Comfort site selling a slew of fake products for the sleep-deprived.
  • Web U: Scoring Some Link Love
    Link building, or getting other sites to link to yours, is the part of SEO that we all hate. It's boring, tedious, slow, and did I mention boring?
  • 5 Questions For Carol Kruse
    In her current post, Carol Kruse is responsible for developing interactive marketing programs for key global marketing brands and driving the evolution of digital marketing platforms.
  • David and Goliaths
    Since AdECN was snapped up by Microsoft in July, AdBrite now stands as one of the only independent online ad exchanges remaining. But the way things are going, perhaps not much longer.
  • Should Old Acquaintance Be Forgot?
    Facebook may have all the hype, but it's old school rival Classmates.com that's prepping for a $125 million initial public offering. Owned by United Online, Classmates.com and its related social networks claimed 50 million registered members as of June 30, including 2.7 million paying accounts.
  • Searching to the Nth Degree
    How many home runs were hit by the Baltimore Orioles between 1953 and 1959? Google has its strengths, but answering such precisely worded queries isn't yet among them.
  • Baby, Take a Look at You Now
    Eight months after AOL and iVillage veteran Tina Sharkey came on board as chairman, BabyCenter.com relaunched in August with an increased emphasis on social media and search.
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