• Top 50 Digital Advertisers
    Top 50 Digital Display Advertisers, based on display ad spend.
  • Cross-Media Case Study: The Cracker Doesn't Crumble
    Everyone, it seemed, was suddenly talking about eating locally grown produce, cutting down on salt, eschewing processed food. Trans fat was last year's battle. The latest cause (backed by Michelle Obama, no less) was all about eating fresh and local. Women who wanted healthy, colorful, fresh food for their families were looking askance at packaged snacks that come in boxes and can sit on the shelf for months.
  • Ed:Blog: Going From <3 to H8
    The T-shirt emblazoned with the hashtag #ny<3lebron given to us by The Fader crew (who, like any good New Yorkers, were just doing their bit to spread the word for the campaign to get LeBron James to sign with the Knicks) still smolders in the incinerator where we dumped it before writing this. Yes, the cover of the New York Post said it best when it said so eloquently: "LeBum."
  • Market Focus: From Boppers to Shoppers
    Tweens and teens live in the present - but not the same present as adults do. Recession, schmecession. Teen spending has bounced back, up 6 to 8 percent over last year, according to NPD Group. On what? The usual: fashion, lifestyle, music and fun.
  • Metrics Focus: Verify Your Paranoia
    Few professionals are as willing to trust their business partners as media practitioners. This quality is especially obvious during industry love fests - also known as upfronts - where billions in media spend are distributed in advance, primarily based on mutual trust between the buyers and the publishers. With all the things that can and do go wrong, it seems hard to believe that after the ink dries on the contract, all TV spots will run during the right programs, every ad will appear exactly when and where it belongs, and each message will reach its intended audience. Yet media ...
  • Bringing It All Back Home
    You've seen the studies and heard the hype: Network TV is in trouble, its audience and advertisers increasingly migrating to social media, video games, mobile phones and a thousand other digital distractions. The sky is falling in TV Land: in its place, a mess of wires, keyboards and iPhones. But it takes an awfully severe case of myopia -- even by TV executive standards -- not to also see the benefits that social media brings to the television viewing experience.
  • Do You Know Where Your CPM Is?
    If you're in the online advertising business, you've finally seen the headline you've been waiting for: "Online Advertising Surges." And the news looks good everywhere you turn. According to TechCrunch, industry bellwethers AOL, Google, Microsoft and Yahoo were up by a total of 10.2 percent in the fourth quarter of 2009, a significant achievement because display advertising showed a comeback - and was actually ahead of the general economy.
  • Industry Watch: Ready for Take Off
    Not long ago, leisure travel looked anything but relaxing. Oil rose to more than $140 a barrel, airline prices were sharply escalating, and customers were wondering if they'd ever go on vacation again. Well, they don't wonder as much anymore. Oil sits at $72 at press time, some believe the possible consolidationb of United Airlines and Continental could actually lead to better price competition, and the economy is still looking brighter in the last year, despite a schizophrenic stock market. In other words, leisure travel might still be headed for bright blue skies - provided you don't mind paying for ...
  • Logging In: Quid Pro Grow
    The Latin phrase quid pro quo means "something for something." Literally speaking, this is an equal exchange of gifts between two parties. Both sides have to contribute something for the other to receive fair value; it cannot be one-sided. Too often social media takes a more cynical approach - you scratch my back and I'll scratch yours
  • Creative Roundtable: Bizarre Ride to the Dark Side
    Carmakers marketing hybrid vehicles tend to craft cheerful, earnest and inspiring messages about how good the cars are for the environment. But Lexus opted to go dark - and sexy even - in allowing Skinny to create Lexus Dark Ride, an interactive film that takes participants on a thrill ride in the Lexus CT200h, a sporty hybrid hatchback that will go on sale in the United States in early 2011.
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