• Log Off: Fast and Furious Media Changes
    Digital offerings now come in a wide variety of flavors. But should marketers rush to advertise to people watching "Desperate Housewives" on their video iPods?
  • Behind the Numbers: Recruiters Scour the Web
    Robust spending in the sector is hurting newspapers Online recruitment advertising is healthy and growing. The category nearly tripled in size in 2005 to $3.5 billion, according to Borrell Associates, capturing more than one-third of all recruitment media budgets. And the research firm projects that online recruitment revenues could triple again in 2006, noting that, in a few years, online will garner more share and more ad dollars in recruitment than all newspapers. By comparison, newspaper revenue grew 17 percent in 2005 versus 2004, Borrell says, while overall recruitment spending across all media grew a …
  • Search Focus: The Yin & Yang of Search
    Conversion isn’t the only valid metric for search terms I was sitting with one of the brightest minds in our agency recently, and we were talking about measurement of search: what’s right and wrong about it. We spent a lot of time talking about how clients tend to manage their entire set of search terms against a single, conversion-driven metric. While we love the ability to see how each term contributes to the bottom line, we agreed that measuring all terms against a single barometer is inherently flawed. Search has the ability to influence potential …
  • Retail Focus: Branded or Not, It All Adds Up
    When measuring the return on investment of search engine marketing campaigns, retailers may be giving branded terms far more credit for conversions than those keywords deserve.
  • Markets Focus: Cracking the Asian Conundrum
    Few groups excite marketers more than young Asian-American males. There's one problem, though: The very phrase "Asian-American" is probably among the most misleading demographic classifications there is.
  • Web U: Your Site Under Reconstruction
    Any major Web site overhaul presents an opportunity to implement new search engine optimization techniques.
  • 5 Questions for Mollie Spilman, CMO, Advertising.com
    Mollie Spilman has a big job: She's responsible for all of Advertising.com's marketing initiatives, which run the gamut from product marketing and development to corporate communications, from market positioning and public relations to research....
  • Local and Logical
    Think globally, act locally is not just a political slogan. It’s also a marketing goal that global brands want to accomplish more efficiently. The challenge of buying local media, however, is that it’s always been a spot market, which makes it hard to target. MediaSpan, based in Research Triangle Park, N.C., has created an ad network platform designed to make local targeting easier. “For years we’ve provided local publishers and broadcasters with content management, back office, and Web development tools,” says Chief Marketing Officer Mark Zagorski. “The logical next step was to provide delivery and tracking of …
  • Fan Fiction Gets Real
    TV fans love interacting with characters on their favorite shows; they enjoy deciding which couples should hook up or break up. Movie fans scream at the screen to warn a chick in a horror flick not to go upstairs. Hard-core fans often get together online and write their own scripts, and that’s the audience FanLib says producers and advertisers should chase. “The media landscape is changing. Marketers have to go where the eyeballs go,” says FanLib CEO Chris Williams, who created the concept that allows clients, such as Showtime’s “The L Word,” to monitor fans who are …
  • Goosing the Podcast Model
    The video iPod is the hottest new distribution venue for shows like "Lost" and "The Office." But these shows aren't yet ad-supported on iTunes.
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