• Cross-Media Case Study: Minding Our Manners
    Tennis anyone? Etiquette tips, travel info, and more in British Airways' cheeky vignettes
  • Directory Focus: Mastering the Search Trifecta
    Search is one of the industry's most discussed subjects these days, and for good reason.
  • Log Off: The Year of the CGC Plague
    There's no stopping the spread of consumer-generated content. Thank goodness.
  • Fraud Focus: How to Find and Fend Off Click Perps
    To combat click fraud, take a page from airport security
  • Behind the Numbers: First-Time Buyers Test-Drive Online
    Buying that first car looms as the typical consumer's biggest purchase to date, especially for those in the 18- to 30-year-old range. They don't take the decision lightly.
  • Markets Focus: Where the Guys Are
    When we last checked in with pundits about the state of online marketing aimed at 18-to-24-year-old males, they soberly noted the difficulty of shooting at a briskly moving target.
  • Web U: Building My SEO Toolbox
    I'm often asked what cool secret tools I use in my daily search-engine optimization work.
  • 5 Questions for Raz Schionning, Director, Web Services, American Apparel
    With a staff of 25 designers, developers, project managers, and writers, Raz Schionning oversees American Apparel's Web site, global online stores, and online marketing. Prior to joining the fast-growing chain, Schionning was vice president of production at digital agency AKQA, and director of production at Pantheon Software.
  • Boomers Unite
    So you've finally turned the big 5-0. What comes next? Everything you've ever wanted. At least that's the concept behind Eons, the new media company that challenges its baby boomer and senior members to celebrate the second 50 years of their life with as much vitality as the first. Founded by former Monster CEO Jeffrey Taylor, Eons provides Web users with a forum to connect with other young-at-heart adults to discuss everything from financial planning to travel destinations and media preferences. Features include a longevity calculator with customized suggestions and a personalized life map, where users create …
  • Greeks Bearing Ads
    In a workforce of "free agents" all hunting to climb the next rung on some other company's ladder, it's hard to staff up with people you trust. When Syracuse grad Michael Katz started the InterClick ad network in 2003, "I found the first couple of people I hired didn't care about the company the way I cared about it." Who better to trust than the frat brothers who shared antics that  well, Katz won't discuss them even to this day. "Probably nothing you can print, anyway," he says. So Katz hired Andrew Greenberg as vice president …
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