• When Algorithms Collide
    The online advertising marketplace has seen its fair share of arms race-like tit-for-tat technology battles over the years. Whether it was between spammers and spam filters or pop-up ads and pop-up blockers, our largely self-regulated industry has technologies battling for supremacy all the time -- the battle currently being waged between sellers of online display advertising and buyers of that inventory is fundamentally different..
  • Ed:Blog - MPD Is Murder
    The two big themes of our November issue of OMMA, mobile and video, came together in, of all places, André Balazs's The Standard in Manhattan in the shadow of the High Line. The NYC Wine and Food Festival had taken over half the Meatpacking District for the weekend, putting the focus back on actual meat, for at least a little while. (Don't worry, though, a week later the sort of prime USDA stuffed into too-tight mini-skirts and sequined tops once again prowled the cobblestones, teetering dangerously on stilettos.)
  • Trim Marks
    Digital studios will have to make some cuts, but there's still plenty of money in online video to go around: Original online video took a beating this year, but the shine hasn't quite worn off yet. Despite a string of high-profile broadband start-up flops earlier in the year, media companies like Alloy Media + Marketing, studios like Generate and Web destinations such as the Sony-owned Crackle continue to invest in original Web programming.
  • How To Create A Successful Low-Cost Video Network
    On YouTube's most-viewed channel list you'll find the how-to video network ExpertVillage in second place for all time with 812 million views. But nowhere in the top ten will you find any of the online digital studios aiming to make the next generation of hits.
  • The Ad Net Wars Move to the Mobile Front
    Get ready for a bloody fight over the mobile Web: The Internet is going mobile, and so are some of the Web's enduring controversies about a digital ad economy. Will mobile ad networks live to see the next stage of the platform they helped create?
  • Need to Know: Random Access mode
    The crusade for net neutrality is turning into a food fight between Google and wireless broadband providers that has cable operators struggling to stay in the game and regulators changing the rules. With streaming video a compelling new alternative to television and mobile phones far outnumbering personal computers and tvs, net neutrality has become a free-for-all of rival traditional and new constituents.
  • Inside Google NYC
    Head along Manhattan's West Side, down Ninth Avenue to the old Port Authority building. You will need a driver's license or some form of identification. Sign in at the guard station, slide through the teched-out turnstiles and ride up one of several elevators to the fourth floor. Welcome to Google.
  • RAM: Flatland
    Forget the retro renaissance of 3-D, 2-D is the latest buzzword in mobile circles. After becoming popular in Asia and Europe, 2D barcodes -- which pack more data than the traditional linear version -- are finally catching on here as a way to make offline ads interactive and mobile coupons more convenient.
  • Wooden Performance
    Who knew a well-placed Woody could get you nearly a million friends on Facebook? In early September, TV spots, viral videos and digital ads directed Facebook users to "Woody," a 30-something slacker who dubbed himself "Friday's biggest fan." On behalf of Friday's fans everywhere, Woody issued a simple challenge.
  • Rising Stars: Andrea Wolinetz
    Andrea Wolinetz: Lead Social Media Strategist, Community Activation, Mediaedge:cia: You might call Andrea Wolinetz a multi-disciplinarian. Prior to joining Mediaedge:cia in a strategic digital and social media capacity about two years ago, Wolinetz honed a range of skills as a music industry insider, a medical school coordinator, a chef, a sixth grade teacher and a PA on television shows.
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