• When Algorithms Collide
    The online advertising marketplace has seen its fair share of arms race-like tit-for-tat technology battles over the years. Whether it was between spammers and spam filters or pop-up ads and pop-up blockers, our largely self-regulated industry has technologies battling for supremacy all the time -- the battle currently being waged between sellers of online display advertising and buyers of that inventory is fundamentally different..
  • Weaning Off the Click
    Clicks have made us fat and lazy. And when we wind up set in our ways, there's only one solution -- weaning. In this case, we need to be weaned off the click. That's what the online marketing world needs right now to improve branding, according to eMarketer and experts it surveyed across the Internet ad business.
  • Cross-Media Case Study: Look Sharpie
    The marketing brains behind Sharpie markers once thought their brand's biggest claim to fame was that celebrities liked to sign autographs with the pens. Most people used the markers to label moving boxes or leftovers in the freezer, but the autograph thing linked the prosaic felt-tip to glitzy names like Tori Spelling, Jessica Simpson and David Beckham. In fact, last year Sharpie built its ad campaign around soccer heartthrob Beckham.
  • Market Focus: Best Behavior
    Today's teens are not the couch potatoes we expect. It's no joke that teens are hard to reach, online or off. Well it is a joke, but they are actually hard to reach. We have statistics. But the money they have to spend is just ridiculous.
  • The Great Outdoors
    Consumers are spending more on outdoor living items, giving a much-needed boost to category retailers and marketers this year, according to Research and Markets' "Outdoor Living Trend Report 2009," released Sept. 1. Spending on outdoor living items rose 22.6 percent from 2007 to 2008.
  • WebU: Your Most Trusted News Source
    Who do you go to for news? More and more, we are relying on our Personal News Networks. Updates from Facebook and Twitter are now central to people's information networks, much like bulletins from news wires or major dailies. I guess that's not really so surprising, is it? One of the first things they teach in journalism school is that a tragedy in my neighborhood elicits a greater emotional response than 100 tragedies in my country or 1,000 in a far-off land.
  • Blinded by the Tweet
    The obsession with social media and consumer-generated content may be blinding us to something infinitely more important to the future of marketing. And it has nothing to do with a tweet, a fan or a follower.
  • Bandwidth on the Run
    Now that we're in the digital age, Internet traffic volumes are giving way to traffic jams that can bring business operations to a grinding halt. The primary driver is the explosion of Internet video. Its exponentially larger file sizes and bandwidth requirements strain the infrastructure, challenging organizations to meet the ever-growing demand. And more is added daily at a rate of 33 minutes of video per second.
  • Rising Stars: Andrea Wolinetz
    Andrea Wolinetz: Lead Social Media Strategist, Community Activation, Mediaedge:cia: You might call Andrea Wolinetz a multi-disciplinarian. Prior to joining Mediaedge:cia in a strategic digital and social media capacity about two years ago, Wolinetz honed a range of skills as a music industry insider, a medical school coordinator, a chef, a sixth grade teacher and a PA on television shows.
  • Wooden Performance
    Who knew a well-placed Woody could get you nearly a million friends on Facebook? In early September, TV spots, viral videos and digital ads directed Facebook users to "Woody," a 30-something slacker who dubbed himself "Friday's biggest fan." On behalf of Friday's fans everywhere, Woody issued a simple challenge.
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