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    Rich Media and the Road to Real Advertising
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    MOJO Campaign Gets Rising
    by Amy Corr, amyc@mediapost.com

    A recent study from Jupiter Research found traditional CRM needs fixing on both the marketer and consumer ends. The study found that email response for online companies could use some improvement. Out of 227 companies surveyed, only 38% responded within six hours and 23% either responded after three days or not at all. On the other hand, U.S. consumers received an astonishing 140 billion emails in 2001, so how many of these messages are getting through.

    This news hits legitimate email marketers hard, and leaves them ...

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    InternetUniversity: Keep your hands off my cookies
    by Mark Kecko

    Cookies have been a hot-button issue since the beginning of Internet time, but few advertisers — and even fewer consumers — really know how they work. What it really comes down to is what techies refer to as Platform for Privacy Preferences (P3P), an Internet standard that gives users more control over the personal information that’s divulged to websites during their visits.

    Think of it as an electronic privacy policy. Websites that conform to P3P issue these electronic policies via an XML document to users with P3P-enabled ...

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    These Are The Basics
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    Champ Scores With Wireless
    by Amy Corr, amy@mediapost.com

    It’s no secret that the United States lags behind Europe and Japan when it comes to wireless platforms — especially when they're used as an advertising medium. Large brands are now incorporating wireless advertising into their media plans in conjunction with traditional advertising buys.

    One wireless company in particular, Avesair, has experienced a growth spurt in the number of wireless campaigns launched throughout its network. Here's a look at some recent campaigns.

    Avesair, which acquired fellow wireless provider WindWire back in February, organized ...

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    InternetUniversity: Web Beacons
    by Mark Kecko

    Providing free content to Internet users has created quite a conundrum for online publishers. The effectiveness of advertising, their primary revenue source, is directly proportional to the success and longevity of many online content providers. Finding out how users are navigating through a specific site or keeping track of what ads they’ve seen is key to adding to the bottom line.

    This process of finding out where a visitor has been began with the evaluation of large, bulky Web server logs. Then came cookies, which provided a more convenient ...

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    On a Mission to Make Online Just Another Medium.
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    Line Item or Competitive Advantage?
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    False Positives
    by Kevin Ryan, keryan@wahlstrom.com

    CRM lacks a common definition. Its effectiveness is hard to measure, and it’s very difficult to clearly identify the problems a CRM initiative should address. For most of today's companies, having or building a CRM solution means developing massive customer information databases that will ultimately learn to communicate only the information these customers are seeking and enhance the "relationship" an organization has with its customer in the most appropriate format for that customer.

    In promotional materials for a CRM panel during its upcoming New York conference, @d:Tech says ...

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    InternetUniversity: Natural Language Processin
    by Mark kecko

    The art of comprehending written or verbal forms of human communication through the use of computers is known as Natural Language Processing (NLP). Although the idea has been around for quite a while — since the 1950s, in fact — we are just now entering an age of technology where it’s actually possible and affordable.

    For a machine to understand human language, be it in verbal or written form, is no easy task. Take this sentence from Microsoft’s NLP Research site: "Flying planes can be dangerous." Although ...

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