• A Primer...Understanding Online Reach & Frequency
    You’ve got a client who has a product perfect for 18-to-34-year-olds. You know you need to include the Internet in your media plan because this demographic spends a lot of time online, but it’s a big Web and you’ve got a small budget. You’ve got to find the best sites and figure out how many people you want to reach and how often. Welcome to the often-confusing, ever-changing world of online reach and frequency. This isn’t your parents’ R&F. Until the Internet, reach and frequency were simple concepts. Offline, reach is how many different people are exposed to a …
  • Inside Look at Radio
    Controversial — but still the best way to reach mobile consumers
  • Healthy Turbulence in the Friendly Skies
    If you took representatives from every airline in the world and put them in a big room, it would be a miserable affair these days. Not only is the industry still feeling aftershocks from Sept. 11, it is suffering from anemic revenues from a flat-out price war. And it is suffering from a marketing and advertising malaise that is hard to quantify but easy to see when you look at the dearth of innovation in campaigns and strategies. With some notable exceptions. "We’re very self-conscious about our success," says JetBlue marketing VP Amy Curtis-McIntyre. "We would be the only …
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