• Cross-Media Case Study: Chain Reaction
    Mmm, pizza. Fragrant tomato sauce. A thin, crisp crust, slightly charred on the bottom, topped with melted mozzarella and crumbles of savory Italian sausage. The first hot, spicy bite - oh, excuse me. Is this making you hungry?
  • Web U: Adding the Missing Link
    Remember the coveted dmoz link? You'd eagerly submit your Web site to a relevant dmoz category and then wait patiently for a week, impatiently for a month. If your submission still wasn't accepted by then, you'd slowly but surely feel heartburn starting below your rib cage, due to your brand new ulcer.
  • Search Focus: Niche Marketers Experiment
    My great-uncle ran a typesetting company for 20-plus years. It thrived because most businesses relied heavily on typesetters to create their advertisements. Print marketing was the foundation of how businesses reached out to their audiences for years.
  • Creative Roundtable: Bahamavention...Hot or Not?
    Overworked? Overstressed? Undertanned? If the answer is "yes (and, honestly, who among us can't answer "yes" to all three?), you're a prime candidate for a Bahamavention, according to the creative minds at Fallon in Minneapolis, who developed the Bahamavention Web site.
  • Opening Doors for Shoppers
    The recent holiday shopping season spawned a new Web animal: the vendor shopping portal.
  • Numbers Game
    Oh, to be a fly on the (virtual) wall. Gaming advertisers have long wished they had better insight into players' behavior, both on and off gaming platforms.
  • Protecting Your Brand's Good Name
    Data security management no longer just means VPNs and firewalls. It includes preventing online abuse and fraud such as phishing, spamming, counterfeit sales, and unauthorized logo use.
  • Banners on the Go
    The mobile online interface has taken another step toward following the Internet model, with the launch of Yahoo's new graphical advertising platform for its mobile Web service, which places small banners on some Yahoo mobile Web screens.
  • DIY Advertising for the Little Guy
    Now small businesses that want to try online video advertising can do so with FourSpots. This Atlanta-based startup describes itself as an online video ad exchange.
  • Zagat Makes Ads Appetizing
    Interstitials certainly annoy some people. But Dan Entin has a hunch that mobile users will gladly view ads on their cell phones in exchange for free games -- something they're used to paying for.
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