• Online Advertising Creativity: Search Marketing: SEM: Range Online Media; Gap, "Google Site Links"

    Range Online Media
    Gap, "Google Site Links"

    Moving and tracking consumer traffic between marketing channels has become critical for companies integrating a variety of media in search engine marketing campaigns. The Gap turned Google's latest concept, Site Links, into 24% more clicks to sites and 16% increase in conversion rates. Demand for Gap's products rose 54%, allowing the return on ad spend to increase by 23%, compared with the prior campaign. Tracking traffic movement from one SEM campaign to another on the backend confirmed Google Site Links pushed demand to a variety of online search ...

  • Website Excellence: Auotmotive: blacQube; Mercedes, "SL 65 AMG Black Series Microsite"

    Mercedes, "SL 65 AMG Black Series Microsite"


    The Mercedes SL 65 AMG Black Series microsite serves up a full-screen 360-degree view of the car, along with tons of extras to excite any sports car enthusiast. The site navigation actually displays as a Periodic Table of the Elements, in this case, the "Elements of Black," including "En" for "Engine," "Tb" for "Turbocharger" and "Tr" for "Transmission." Each of the elements is clickable, leading the user into ...

  • Website Excellence: Automotive: Digitas; Buick Regal, "Moment of Truth"

    Buick Regal, "Moment of Truth"



    Buick, apparently, is no longer "your grandfather's car." In an attempt to prove that point, Buick launched the "Moment of Truth" campaign for the new 2011 Buick Regal, leaning very heavily on social media and a level of transparency that shows people what people are now saying about the brand. At the "Moment of Truth" microsite, consumers can watch YouTube videos, look at photos, read Tweets and Facebook ...

  • Website Excellence: Automotive: Euro RSCG: Volvo, Volvocars.com

    Euro RSCG
    Volvo, Volvocars.com


    Euro RSCG set out to create a new global Web site for Volvo that unified the brand online. The old Volvo digital experience was a hodgepodge of microsites for specific brands, microsites with stories about users' experiences with different brands, and microsites with actual car highlights. The new volvocars.com integrates model specifications, sales information and community onto one site.  It serves content to ...

  • Website Excellence: Business to Business: Blenderbox; Pictela, Pictela.com

    Pictela, Pictela.com

    Business to Business

    B2B sites can often look good. They can also often deliver relevant information quickly, clearly and concisely. Rarely do they do both - though that has been admirably achieved at Pictela.com. Blenderbox has packaged the most important points that Pictela needs to communicate to potential customers and partners and fuses them in a bold, striking manner that erases ambiguity with the clarity of the message. From the landing page ...

  • Website Excellence: Business to Business: Critical Mass; Moen, Moen.com

    Critical Mass
    Moen, Moen.com

    Business to Business

    Fusing a consumer-facing and trade-facing site into one, easy to navigate package, Moen.com has cleverly addressed the challenge of serving both constituencies. Kitchen and bathroom hardware, more often than not, sparks considerable debate between homeowners and contractors, so by having one site for their products, Moen has been able to ease this discussion and move the process forward. Information about products and innovations are ...

  • Website Excellence: Business to Business: LEVEL Studios; Marvell, Marvell.com

    LEVEL Studios
    Marvell, Marvell.com

    Business to Business

    First and foremost, full credit to Marvell for enlisting Stan Lee of Marvel Comics fame to explain the proper pronunciation of Marvell's name - and for placing the video right on the homepage. As the manufactures of the computer hardware that powers the devices so many of us use every day, Marvell has been able to burnish its brand and educate both consumers and customers. Logical ...

  • Website Excellence: Charity: Blenderbox; The Rockefeller Foundation, rockefellerfoundation.org

    The Rockefeller Foundation, rockefellerfoundation.org

    Charity/Non-Profit Organizations

    Blenderbox was tasked with redesigning The Rockefeller Foundation's Web site in order to make the foundation more transparent. The goal was to explain how the foundation works, including how it makes grants, who receives them and what type of work is done by recipients. The site has clear links explaining the dates and amounts of recent grants, the names ...

  • Website Excellence: Charity: Blitz; Marley Ventures, 1love.org

    Marley Ventures, 1love.org

    Charity/Non-Profit Organizations

    To commemorate the life of Bob Marley, who would have turned 65 this year, his family launched the 1Love charity. Blitz's site for the initiative includes an explanation of the charity's mission - creating sustainable products - as well as recent news articles, updates about concerts, biographies of Marley family members, and links to Twitter and Facebook pages. One portion of the site has information ...

  • Website Excellence: Charity: Huge; Alvin Ailey American Dance Theater, AlvinAiley.org

    Alvin Ailey American Dance Theater, AlvinAiley.org
    Charity/Non-Profit Organizations

    The huge-designed Alvin Ailey site boasts features like full-screen photos of dance classes, links to a calendar of performances and video interviews with the dancers. The site also has performance videos, a news feed, and interactive timelines of the company's history. Additionally, users can share items on a variety of social media platforms including Facebook, Digg and ...

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