• Website Excellence: Entertainment Games/Gaming: Blitz; Activision, "Guitar Hero Global Franchise Hub"

    Activision, "Guitar Hero Global Franchise Hub"


    Guitar Hero stands as one of the most popular and recognizable video game franchises, but Blitz faced the challenge of remaking Activision's site into a one-stop shop social hub that would greet metalheads in the hunt for Danzig's "Mother," without alienating Taylor Swift fans. There was an immediate 50 percent increase ...

  • Website Excellence: Entertainment Games/Gaming: Firstborn; Pepsi, "Heads or Tails"

    Pepsi, "Heads or Tails"


    Under-the-cap promos are nothing new, but Firstborn went live-action to win attention for SoBe's Heads or Tails campaign. To win a prize - from flip-flops to a new MacBook Pro - users would use an easy interface to remove their virtual SoBe cap, then select from one of the five characters (whose winning percentage floated above) to enthusiastically flip their e-cap for them (tails ...

  • Website Excellence: Entertainment Games/Gaming: ROKKAN; 2K Games

    2K Games


    Avoiding the gaming cliché of high-volume racket, ROKKAN took a chance with their redo of the 2K Games site by skewing artful. Instead of hitting users over the head with noisy videos, ROKKAN's relaunch relies on eye-popping in-game art assets, and a sleek, welcoming interface that keeps the focus on their big titles. A quick click drops users into game-specific pages where everything from videos, screenshots and ordering ...

  • Website Excellence: Entertainment Movies: Eastwest Marketing Group; CBS Films, "The Back-Up Plan"

    Eastwest Marketing Group
    CBS Films, "The Back-Up Plan"


    The scrolling interactive environment - with the "roller dog" from the movie as your nav mnemonic no less - has the personality and color of the movie. Users explore the city block where Jennifer Lopez's character lives, and along the way are introduced to various characters and plot ...

  • Website Excellence: Entertainment Movies: Oskoui+Oskoui, Inc; Twentieth Century Fox Home Entertainment, "Avatar Pandorama"

    Oskoui+Oskoui, Inc
    Twentieth Century Fox Home Entertainment, "Avatar Pandorama"


    Aiming to do more than show users trailers, the Avatar Pandorama puts them on the fantastical planet on which the blockbuster is set. Oskoui+Oskoui custom designed gesture interfaces utilizing a computer's webcam that enable users to interact with Pandora's flora and recreate a scene from the movie involving bioluminescent creatures. After inserting themselves in the interactive Pandoran landscape, users can share snapshots ...

  • Website Excellence: Entertainment Movies: The Visionaire Group; Lionsgate, "Daybreakers"

    The Visionaire Group
    Lionsgate, "Daybreakers"


    The multi-faceted site for the vampire movie Daybreakers is in keeping with the film's eerie tone. Full screen video provides information on the film, including summaries and cast info, while sections that are mock portals for the fictional company in the movie give backstory - one asks "clients" to open a bloodbank account, including a cheerful commercial; ...

  • Website Excellence: Entertainment Music: Blitz; John Mayer, "John Mayer AR Music Video"

    John Mayer, "John Mayer AR Music Video"

    Entertainment: Music

    After Mayer's management team contacted Blitz to create an interactive concept to promote the singer's latest disc, the agency teamed with Adobe to produce a augmented reality powered video for the single "Heartbreak Warfare" (complete with broken heart glyph). The 3-D video and computer graphics (of Mayer sulking around a living room with his guitar) are convincingly rendered with a depth of field and reactivity ...

  • Website Excellence: Entertainment Music: Buzzmedia; Stereogum, stereogum.com

    Stereogum, stereogum.com 

    Entertainment: Music

    Stereogum, founded in 2001, has gradually evolved from a ragged blog (that even in its earliest incarnation could break new music) to a more polished publishing destination with a recent relaunch. A couple of things have not changed: the free songs from bands the site champions (though the players and interfaces have become smoother) and the true fan's passion it exudes.

  • Website Excellence: Entertainment Music: RYAN Partnership; Mead/Five Star, "Five Star Music Insider"
    To reach the back-to-school market and stay top-of-mind during the key shopping season, RYAN Partnership and Mead created the Five Star Music Insider hub, introducing new musical acts and igniting a key passion point for students.
  • Website Excellence: Entertainment TV: HBO; "The Pacific"

    "The Pacific"

    Entertainment: TV (non-news)

    Designed as a companion guide to the 10-part miniseries, HBO's Web site for The Pacific offers visitors an immersive experience into both the production and its historical milieu. The site received more than 2.6 million visits during the show's run, with nearly 1.7 million video views. In addition to show clips, videos include historical footage featuring voiceovers from WWII vets. Other site ...

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