• Yeast Infection
    So there I sat, trying to read the latest haterade thrown between Obama and Clinton on nytimes.com, when I clicked the "read more" link. Bad move, because the worst interstitial roadblock in the history of inherently annoying interstitial roadblocks rudely interrupted me.
  • Quick, Like a Bunny
    I found Christy on pronto.com, a social shopping site, while searching for a Crock-Pot. I liked Christy's customer review enough to check out her Pronto profile, where I found we shared an affection for various household gadgets and funny movies. A tasty tidbit was Christy's recommendation of another "cooking" gizmo - a countertop revolving pizza oven. That discovery made my online shopping break more expensive, but a lot more fun than beef stew.
  • Dog Eat Dog
    I'm no fan of the phrase We eat our own dog food. If I worked for a company that literally made dog food, I wouldn't want team lunches to involve bowls of kibble. If the company I work for figuratively eats their own dog food, I shudder to think that I'd work for a company that characterizes its product as something chewed up and sometimes hawked up by canine muzzles.
  • Put Her in Reverse
    The usual goal for a marketing video is that it hits YouTube and inspires an avalanche of views, responses and mash-ups from viewers. For their microsite The Drive, Mazda and its interactive agency, Sarkissian Mason, worked in reverse, taking inspiration from content that YouTube members had already created.
  • Divine Rights
    Good news: Your spot has gone viral. Bad news: You have no idea where it's posted or who's watched it. Divinity Metrics might help agencies get a handle on their clients' video content - or that of competitors.
  • Touched for the Very First Time
    While other marketers blow an occasional air kiss to mobile marketing with experimental campaigns here and there, Virgin Atlantic fell head over heels for the new platform in February with its groundbreaking use of outdoor ads, mobile media and events to drive brand involvement.
  • Cruel Intentions
    Do you want to play a game? Probably not with the two psychotic young men who take a mother, father and son hostage, and torture them in Funny Games. The film is a shot-by-shot remake of the controversial 1997 film of the same name, with the Austrian writer-director Michael Haneke once again at the helm.
  • 5 Questions for Demian Bellumio
    If you've been paying attention to the trials, troubles and tribulations of the music industry, you probably already realize the kids today don't exactly line up outside Ye Olde Record Shop anymore. Case in point: Nielsen SoundScan estimates that 2007 U.S. record sales dropped 9.5 percent from 2006. Realizing that free music doesn't necessarily have to be unprofitable (or illegal), Demian Bellumio founded Cyloop at the tender age of 31. The ad-supported site combines the bumpin' grooves of free on-demand streaming music with the stalkerish thrills of a social network, and even the music catalogs of EMI and Warner have …
  • Between The Numbers: Power To The PCs
    In just a few short years the Internet has gone from being the butt of campaign jokes about who might have invented it to being a platform for debates and a powerful fund-raising tool. "Citizens are using technology in more open, collaborative ways," says Ginny Hunt, senior associate with Google's election team.
  • Logging In: Guilty Feet Have Got No Rhythm
    At one point in the epic HBO series Deadwood, one character turns to another and says: "Change is no man's friend. Change is just the tune we all dance to."
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