• Creative Roundtable: Bizarre Ride to the Dark Side
    Carmakers marketing hybrid vehicles tend to craft cheerful, earnest and inspiring messages about how good the cars are for the environment. But Lexus opted to go dark - and sexy even - in allowing Skinny to create Lexus Dark Ride, an interactive film that takes participants on a thrill ride in the Lexus CT200h, a sporty hybrid hatchback that will go on sale in the United States in early 2011.
  • Air New Zealand Knows Where You've Been
    Air New Zealand began working with TagMan in June to implement and manage campaign tracking tags across its European Web sites. The single-page tag container embedded in Web site pages houses all tags used to track the airline's online campaign, including display, paid and natural search, affiliates and site analytics. Why should you care about all this unless you are planning a trip to South Island (and even then, why should you)? Well, you care about Google ranking, don't you? You care about user's abandoning slow-loading pages, don't you?
  • Cats' Tolerance Tested at Devo Listening Party
    There's no denying that when it comes to the Internet, cats are power players. You've got Sockington, the Twitter cat with 1.5 million followers; all those photogenic felines over at icanhascheezburger.com; and Keyboard Cat - technically, Keyboard Cat has been dead for years, but he lives on via YouTube.
  • Cable News May Soon Get Some Depth
    Forget slick 3-D cameras from the likes of Cameron/Pace - for better or worse, the gear needed to bring the third dimension is coming soon to a 24/7 cable channel near you.
  • Sears, Suckers
    Road trip! Are there any more tantalizing words in the English language to cubicle monkeys watching summer unfold outside their office windows? How about if the trip is on some famous stretch of American highway and someone hands you $1,500 to pay for gas, food, motels, beer and the like. Your job: to make a video introduction of you and your fellow travelers, then to tweet, blog, video and Facebook every step in your journey.
  • Fishing Where the Fish Are
    Figurative allusions to fish and fishing figure big in the business world -- getting a nibble from a client, casting a wide net, fishing where the fish are, big fish in a small pond, and so on. But online ad agency Pereira & O'Dell is taking the whole "fishing-as-business" metaphor to a level that can literally be described as epic, with a maritime publicity stunt that involves putting two staffers on a small-ish 32-foot Drift Gillnet fishing boat and sending them to the fishing village of Naknek, Alaska, population 2,000, in whose adjacent waters they will attempt to catch 100,000 …
  • Web U: The Big Budget Buster
    We all love a big budget, don't we? Clients with big budgets get wined and dined. Agencies with clients with big budgets make money ... and get to go to sporting events and cool parties. And the clients that spend big online, are a special kind of celebrity. These clients are on the cutting edge - the brave and innovative who push the limits of the only growing medium. For that, they don't just get wined and dined - they get promoted and recruited.
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