• The Right Muscle
    Known to some as the eBay of the Internet advertising marketplace, the Right Media Exchange is a one-stop bazaar for buyers and sellers of Internet ads where two billion impressions are traded daily, representing 100,000 unique ads.
  • Sprinting Ahead
    Sprint Nextel, the once-lowly carrier known for dorky phones and sloppy service, is making itself over as a content powerhouse.
  • 5 Questions for Jeff Bell, Corporate Vice President of Global Marketing, Microsoft Corp.
    Jeff Bell is responsible for worldwide marketing strategies for Microsoft's Xbox and Games for Windows businesses. His team focuses on Microsoft Game Studios games; the Xbox and Games for Windows platforms and brands; Xbox Live; global marketing promotions; and customer relationship management.
  • MediaPost 2006 Online All Star: Gillian Smith
    Gillian Smith is the first to point out that she didn't major in marketing, doesn't have an M.B.A., and is not the first person on her block to acquire the newest, hottest technology.
  • MediaPost 2006 Online All Star: Ted Moon
    History buff Ted Moon learned how to take on the bigger, better-funded telecom competition from a study of Gettysburg. His hero, Gen. John Buford, held off Confederate soldiers by defending the high ground before the enemy understood the terrain.
  • MediaPost 2006 Online All Star: Mary Bermel
    Though Mary Bermel is consistently hailed by her peers as a leader in interactive marketing, to hear her tell it, she's as much a follower as a leader.
  • Log Off: Consumers Embrace Internet Speed
    At a recent get-together, the conversation turned to the many changes that have swept the Internet over the past year. The consensus was that these changes altered the landscape for the better, and now, real money can be made online.
  • Markets Focus: On the Verge of a Breakthrough
    A perception exists among mainstream marketers that Hispanic teenage girls and young women may not be a willing audience for their online pitches.
  • Behind the Numbers: Serving the Audience of One
    Online TV is coming. Soon TVS will be hooked up to computers, and online content aggregators such as AOL, Google, Yahoo, MSN, and Apple will provide content to larger screens.
  • Behavioral Focus: The Right Unit for Social Networks
    Everyone knows that the media landscape is changing very quickly. What is perhaps less accepted is that consumers are changing the way they interact with content faster than we're changing the way they interact with ads. I am not talking about the technology for ad delivery; I'm referring to how users think about ads in the first place.
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