• Dailey - Intuit, "TurboTax SuperStatus Campaign"
    Intuit, "TurboTax SuperStatus Campaign"
    Finalist Contest/Promotion/Sweepstakes

    To take the stress out of tax time, Dailey and Intuit distracted filers by offering up a contest that let players solve challenges by updating their status via Facebook, MySpace or Twitter. To win prizes they had to write a clever string of text, pushing creativity...as well as TurboTax. Widgets were passed around via social networks and 20 challenges were played over tax season. TurboTax judged over ...

  • Razorfish-Sun Products, "Laundry Fairy"
    Sun Products, "Laundry Fairy"
    Finalist Contest/Promotion/Sweepstakes

    For this Razorfish and Sun Products collaboration, Melissa Rivers starred in a mockumentary about Laundry Fairy Union Local 32, a collective of stain-fighting characters who help stressed-out mothers. The product, subtly noted at the end, is All detergent. Viewers were driven to all-laundry.com by TV commercials following Celebrity Apprentice. The site had more traffic in the first 14 days of the program than it normally sees in six months: ...

  • Yesmail - HP "Monster Sale"
    HP "Monster Sale"
    Finalist Email: Campaign


    HP teamed up with Dreamworks for an email campaign featuring characters from the Dreamworks film, Monsters vs. Aliens. Four different emails sent over a ten-day period promoted HP's "monster" sale by utilizing different characters from the film. Revenue for the Monster Sale campaign was 80% higher than an email campaign HP launched earlier that same quarter. In addition, click through rates were 37% higher than messages delivered during that same ...

  • Comedy Central-Comedy Central, Important Things with Demetri Martin
    Comedy Central
    Comedy Central, Important Things with Demetri Martin
    Finalist Email: Campaign

    The launch of Comedy Central's Important Things with Demetri Martin became an important email campaign for the network. Over the course of six weeks, Martin appeared in recipients' inboxes and, in one email, used a pointer stick to point at clickable links embedded in the email. Users could watch a video, download a series-branded widget or simply learn the show's airtime. The campaign ...

  • The Phelps Group - Monrovia, "Plant Savvy"
    The Phelps Group
    Monrovia, “Plant Savvy”
    Finalist Email: Campaign

    How does a wholesale plant grower that only sells its product via independent garden centers, compete with large chain stores? It uses its advertising budget to drive consumers to independent garden centers. Monrovia launched Plant Savvy, an email newsletter targeting gardeners, offering tips, trends and embedded links throughout content that led consumers to Monrovia's site, where gardeners can learn more about flowers and find a place ...

  • Yesmail - HP, Newsgram Digital Photography Newsletter
    HP, Newsgram Digital Photography Newsletter
    Finalist Email: Standalone

    The updated HP Digital Photography newsletter, designed to deliver value and promote products, hoped to optimize user participation. It was easy to navigate and loaded with helpful step-by-step tips on scanning and transferring digital photos, a boon for novices. The photogram made photography fun and interesting - and it offered cool, free projects, like downloading movie posters. While showcasing HP's product inventory, it also educates customers - a win-win. ...

  • Responsys - Harley-Davidson, "We Ride Free" Alert
    Responsys: Julian Scott, Creative Director; Lynn Baus, Art Director; Patrick Colalillo, Designer.
  • Responsys - Lenovo, Earth Day Promo
    Lenovo, Earth Day Promo 
    Finalist Email: Standalone

    Earth Day has a new twist - it's an incentive to get a computer discount. The goal was to promote greener PC choices, which supported a larger environmental message. Translation: Save money and save the planet, as evidenced by the Eco Geek testimonial. The free trial of Lenovo's Online Back Up program encouraged relationship-building and further product discovery. Thanks to a clear image - computer, price, discount ...

  • Razorfish-Microsoft/Search Marketing/Bing

    Microsoft/Search Marketing/Bing
    Finalist Home Page Takeover

    The goal here was to create high-impact experiences that introduced a new brand, Bing, to reinforce the benefits of the search engine with ample trial opportunity, and a clear call to action. To do that, a customer-centric approach was taken to spark awareness and interest among users and ultimately driving to trial of product. Appealing to key decision-makers in the business community, the creative stood out without seeming ...

  • AvatarLabs - Paramount Pictures, Star Trek

    Paramount Pictures, Star Trek
    Finalist Home Page Takeover

    The AvatarLabs Star Trek takeover was aimed to revive the stale 40-year-old franchise (well, stale to the non-Trekker nerds). So they set the Starship Enterprise on course to blaze through the MTV.com home page. Launching on the day of the film's release, the takeover used Papervision technology to give the effect that the sites' content was being sucked into the warp wake of the Enterprise as it zoomed through ...

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