• Small but Loud
    Advertisers rush to reach early adopters in a small but growing medium Hot off its celebrity run as 2005’s “word of the year,” podcasting got a reality check recently when Forrester’s ear count found a mere 1 percent of North Americans regularly use downloadable audio and only 2 percent have ever tried it. The penny ante from advertisers was a paltry $3.1 million in 2005, according to PQ Media. So why the outsized interest in a medium with such a small media share? While overall penetration may be low, individual publishers tell OMMA that top …
  • Marketers Step Up Their Game
    Despite flat revenues, video games still hold potential for in-game advertising.
  • 5 To Keep An Eye On
    Heavy.com, an in-your-face online video smorgasbord, is for advertisers brave enough to do what it takes to reach guys.
  • 10 Sites Worth Watching
    With Google now part of the S&P 500, online ad dollars growing each quarter, and TV properties like "Lost" and "Desperate Housewives" leading old media online, it's easy to forget that the Web still has plenty of growth ahead. Everything from content distribution to gaming and search continues to evolve.
  • Ed:Blog
    All of a sudden it feels like there are hundreds of Web startups out there with all kinds of innovative applications that leverage audio, video, instant messaging, social networking, photo and file sharing, syndicated content, and the like. If you can think of it, some startup you may not have heard of — at least not yet — is working on it. And no, it’s not 1999 again, or at least we hope not. But we do notice an exciting profusion of Web-based businesses with unique capabilities on the scene and we want you to know about them. …
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