• Creative Roundtable: Flash and Bash
    Given the amazing graphics we see in today's video games (particularly amazing to a writer who was dazzled by Pong back in the day), you'd think that video game publishers would have some of the coolest sites on the Internet. But they don't.
  • Swagger Like Us
    Minivans aren't exactly considered cool, but minivan-driving parents everywhere are surely taking pride in their rides thanks to the YouTube sensation "Swagger Wagon."
  • The 100 Most Important Online Publishers
    Go ahead. Say it. Importance is subjective. Well, exactly. The following list details the 100 online publishers we deem most important right now in order of significance. "What goes into this editorial judgment?" you ask. Of course you do.
  • Behind the Numbers: New Tablet World Order
    While the reviews are mixed for Apple's new iPad, one thing is certain - the device and its tablet brethren have sent the publishing business into a fast scramble. Everyone from book to magazine to newspaper publishers has been trying to figure out how to participate in the new tablet world order. Specifically, they want to know whether a subscription or ad model will work best on these handheld devices.
  • The Serenading Unicorn Saved the Video Star
    Those who say the music video is dead haven't laid their eyes upon the Serenading Unicorn, a glorious, white-maned messenger of all that is sweet who lip syncs his way through three music videos as part of a viral video campaign for Wrigley's Juicy Fruit gum dreamt up by digital agency Evolution Bureau (EVB).
  • How to Train Your Ads to Kick Ass
    Already at the forefront of online marketing, Hollywood studios continue to be trailblazers in the realm of rich media for traditional banner ads and takeover pages. "The entertainment vertical is definitely leading the way," says Brian Hjelm, vice president of product and marketing for Unicast, a company that executes creative for a wide variety of big-traffic-driving digital platforms. "From our perspective, the entertainment industry is leading the innovation of rich media and video."
  • Mobile Focus: Convergence Camp
    The iPad has the potential to provide an all-in-one device that people are going to use everywhere - from their couch to vacation to all points in between. The ability to add in video, multimedia and other interactive components can provide marketers with an opportunity to create a rich and immersive mobile consumption experience for consumers.
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