• Rakuten Formally Launches Tool To Automate Disclosure Of Influencer Endorsements
    Rakuten Marketing has developed technology that helps advertisers automatically monitor bloggers and publishers working with brands to ensure they disclose any compensation for their endorsements. The company also launched what it calls Brand Quality & Regulatory Compliance Services for affiliate marketers.
  • How OTT Services Will Change Search Advertising, Marketing
    Verizon and AOL will combine data with Yahoo to gain more insight into a variety of topics, from app downloads to over-the-top services, the delivery of apps and services over the Internet, without the need for consumers to subscribe to cable or satellite pay services.
  • Google I/O Leads Into Marketing Next 2017
    Google this week will unveil new innovations on its ad platform based on advances in machine learning and computing technology, and is expected to announce plans at its I/O "festival" to bring the Google Assistant voice app to the Apple iPhone, per one report.
  • The CMO's Role When Choosing Ad, Marketing Tech
    Forrester analysts estimate 37% of all new tech project spending will be related to the CMO, including marketing automation software, marketing data analytics, mobile apps, and related consulting and staff spending.
  • Cheetah Mobile: How Video Ads Complement The Media Mix
    Looking to brand its products and increase engagement and revenue after growth flattened, Cheetah Mobile used AdMob to expand the use of native display ads and Google's newly launched native video ad format.
  • Misleading Searches Derail Purchases, Privacy And Keyword Use Are Key
    The way people search on engines continue to change. About 41% use a string of keywords, 31% use full-sentence questions, and 20% use category searches.
  • Microsoft Digs Into AI Through Image, Video, Search
    Microsoft on Wednesday revealed a variety of tools adding to 25 previously available Cognitive Services: Bing Custom Search, Custom Vision Service, Custom Decision Service, and Video Indexer.
  • Machine Reading To Change Human, Search Engine Interactions
    Microsoft's technology ultimately will have the ability to read passages of text and answer questions about the context of the written or verbal statement or comment.
  • Why? Artificial Intelligence To Provide An Explanation
    Transparency has become a major initiative across the online advertising industry in the past couple of years. Amazon Alexa, Apple Siri, Google Assistant, Microsoft Cortana and artificial intelligence technology from other developers often serves up responses and content without a perceived reason. Shouldn't users have the ability to ask the AI why?
  • Predictive Analytics, AI Shave Time From Google AdWords Campaign Management
    LXRGuide: Agency uses machine-learning algorithms and forecasting data that can optimize multiple Google AdWords campaigns simultaneously. The platform, which calculates campaign losses and profits, is an extension of LXRGuide for brands, launched in 2016.
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