• Tylenol Canada Offers Broader Definition Of Family
    Tylenol Canada, following a trend toward redefining the traditional idea of family, has launched a new campaign for its Cold, Cough & Flu line. Via J. Walter Thompson Canada, the ad suggests that a healthy family can be a separated one. A man who lives on his own preparing for a special visitor. When the doorbell rings, it is his ex-wife dropping off their young daughter, smiling and saying, "Thanks for covering." He smiles warmly, replies, "Of course," and hugs the little girl.
  • VW Scandal Spreads To Audi, Porsche
    Volkswagen Group's emissions scandal has gotten a lot bigger, as the Environmental Protection Agency and California regulators said the company admitted that its 3-liter V-6 diesel vehicles from the last seven years had violated clean-air standards. Now it includes all Volkswagen and Audi U.S. vehicles with 3-liter diesel engines from the 2009 to 2016 model years, the regulators said. That covers 85,000 vehicles in the U.S..
  • A-B Extends Deal With Daytona Speedway, Daytona 500
    Anheuser-Busch has signed a multi-year deal with Daytona International Speedway that extends its status as the exclusive official beer sponsor of DIS and the Daytona 500. Anheuser-Busch will also get naming rights to four locations within the new version of the motor sports stadium as part of the $400 million Daytona Rising redevelopment project, which is scheduled to open in January 2016. This represents the longest-standing partnership for DIS.
  • McDonald's Tries Boutique In Toulouse, France
    McDonald's is bringing back some of its original feel with a takeout-only burger prototype called "Originals de McDonald's" in Toulouse, France. The Originals unit will be just 150 square meters (492 square feet), with most of that taken up by kitchen, per McDonald's franchisee Michel Rglat. There will be limited seating since it is meant for takeout. It will be near city-center, shopping centers, gas stations, railway stations or airports, Rglat said.
  • Mercedes-Benz Has Most Effective Auto Ads
    Market researcher Ace Metrix says Mercedes-Benz is the most effective luxury automotive brand of 2015. The scoring so far is from January to Oct. 31. Mercedes received an "ace score" of 599, up from 592 in 2014, when the company also was named most effective automotive brand in advertising. Coming in second, and moving up one spot from 2014, was Buick, just six points behind Mercedes, at 593. Buick finished third in 2014 with a score of 579.
  • Cadillac Planning CUV Blitz
    With the official L.A. Auto Show debut of the Cadillac XT5, the Detroit luxury brand plans an unprecedented assault on the booming utility vehicle market, with three other crossover-based models under development. That's one more CUV than Caddy officials had previously confirmed, TheDetroitBureau.com has learned, the latest planned addition meant to target the likes of the Audi Q3 and BMW X1.
  • Brady, Pats Have Top-Selling NFL Jerseys At Dick's
    The New England Patriots are first among NFL teams in combined team jersey sales, while quarterback Tom Brady is No. 1 in individual player jersey sales through the mid-way point of the 2015 season, according to the Dick's Sporting Goods "Jersey Report." Last month, Brady scored the best-selling player jersey in-store and online during most of October.
  • Pepsi Stars In 'Empire' Episodes
    Pepsi is in the second season of Fox's "Empire." And not just product placement. In a three-episode storyline, one of the characters meets with Pepsi executives to discuss becoming the face of the brand; he generates a new track (created in real life by producer Swizz Beatz) to impress the team, and Pepsi loves it. In the second episode, Jamal films his Pepsi commercial, which is directed by Lee Daniels, the Oscar-nominee behind the TV show.
  • Tim Horton's Closes Nearly 24 Stores In Northeast
    Restaurant chain Tim Horton's has abruptly closed at least 21 stores in New York and Maine. No warning given to customers or employees. Total closures have so far been 15 shops in New York, and 6 in Maine. The company told TV station WLBZ that it plans to pull out of New England and expand elsewhere in the United States, and that it plans more closures in Providence, R.I., and Hartford, Conn.
  • It Will Soon Be Easy To Order Pizza...In India
    In some parts of the world, explaining an address can take a village. In India, Domino's Pizza wants to let customers skip that by letting them use "smart addresses," a unique identity that a delivery person can put into a GPS system. Jubilant FoodWorks, which operates the Domino's Pizza chain in India, says it has teamed up with Zippr, a smart-addresses startup, to make the technology available to customers around the country.
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