• Behind the Numbers:The Digital Video Drift
    Remember that great one-word piece of advice from The Graduate? Plastics. Well, forget it. Plastic is dead. Plastic is so over it's beyond over. dvds made from the stuff are the medium most vulnerable to being replaced by online video, says a new report from One Touch Intelligence. To be fair, the whole digital media ecosystem is roiling tons of traditional businesses, but the plastic-based DVD one is going to be hit the hardest by the gradual shift to the Web to watch programs, the report finds. The DVD business has the biggest bull's-eye on it because it was already ...
  • Markets:The Dude is Not in
    How stupid do you really want to look in public? That's the question that confronts today's man as he moves from adolescence to manhood. Because not much is private anymore, is it? Maybe this is why the Dude demo - men 18 to 35 - has softened. You can see it in the work of Kevin Smith, the auteur of the Dude zeitgeist. The anomie of his clerks has mellowed into a quest for connection that can actually be fulfilled: Zack and Miri start to make a porno, and end up falling in love. Bros can admit they love each ...
  • Site:Made to Order
    Each one of the 68 Smokey Bones Bar & Fire Grill locations has its own virtual presence. Visitors to the Orlando, Fla.-based chain's Web site, smokeybones.com, enter their ZIP codes to be redirected to a separate page for the restaurant in their city. "This way you'll know your hostess when you get there. Sort of ..." says the splash page. In addition to the usual menu and hours of operation, each restaurant's page shows a photo and bio of the host or hostess and links to location-specific MySpace and Facebook pages. Graphics are customized - palm trees for waterfront locales, ...
  • Social Media:Catering to Your Audience
    Kogi BBQ-To-Go, a Korean barbecue/taco truck in Los Angeles, used social media to create some sizzle. Marketing consultant Mike Prasad got foodies to rave about its fusion menu, and targeted tech mavens to build the brand around the concept of crossover ethnic pop culture.
  • Video:Best Frenemies
    There's a saying that the entertainment industry is called "show business" for a reason, because it's not "show friends." Case in point: Hulu recently banished its content both from online competitor tv.com and from Web-to-TV service Boxee. That's a big shift from the you-scratch-my-back-I'll-scratch-yours philosophy that Web video has been built on. But now that there's money to be made, we're not all friends anymore.
  • Tools:Smarter Than Your Average Ad
    Remember the thrill of those Choose Your Own Adventure books, where you'd flip to page 16 if you choose to run from the bloodthirsty wildebeest? Or, if you'd prefer to come to blows with it using only a samurai sword and your wits, you'd turn to page 49?
  • Integration:Holy Grail
    When people on Madison Avenue discuss the creation of an ideal advertising system that will one day enable marketers to figure out the perfect way of delivering their ad messages to the right people, at the right time, and with the right effects, they typically refer to it as a "Holy Grail."
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