• Google Comes to Town
    Now that Kansas City, Ks., and Kansas City, Mo., (informally, kay-see-kay and kay-see-moe) have dashed the hopes of 1,000 other cities and elated their own residents by winning the installation of Google Fiber, a sober question arises: what now? What does this mean for the brands, ad agencies and techies who make their home in Kansas City?
  • Seeing the Forest Through the Trees
    Ever heard of confirmation bias? It's a psychological principle that's fairly important to the conversation at hand and our industry as a whole (especially considering it is one of the primary forces behind why advertising works).
  • Keeping up with the @Joneses
    Online marketing is experiencing a time of unprecedented technological and consumer transformation. This is both exciting and daunting, regardless of the role you play in the consumer engagement continuum. Whether you are a cmo, an agency exec, a technology entrepreneur or a vc, the industry is proceeding at such a fervent pace that it can be difficult for companies to stop, immerse themselves in internal reflection and ensure they're laying brick for the road to longevity.
  • Users Not Customers
    My wife loves seltzer water. I can't stand it, but she will hardly drink water if bubbles aren't in it. So I thought it'd be great to buy her a soda maker. One afternoon, I passed by a Williams-Sonoma store and decided to stop in. Lo and behold, they had one sitting on the shelf: a SodaStream Genesis drinks maker for $150. But it seemed expensive. I could buy her a pantry full of 150 bottles of premade seltzer for that price. So I decided to shop around.
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