Search & Performance Marketing Daily Editions for October 2014
Search & Performance Marketing Daily - Friday, Oct. 17, 2014
Google Search Inches Toward Automation, Automatic Identification, Collaboration
Google's New Nexus Player Takes On Other OTT Devices
Google Looks Toward 'Other' Markets To Offset Slowing Paid-Search Clicks
Evolved Search Behaviors: Takeaways For Marketers
Bing Updates Ad Platform, Inks Partnership With American Express
It Takes Incisive Planning And Creativity To Make Programmatic Machines Do The Right Thing
Going Global By Acting Local
Google's Android About Togetherness, Not Sameness
Finally, Google Releases Data On Voice Search
Alibaba Needs Branding Help And O2 Partner On Wearable 'Cuff'
How About My Cross-Platform Experience?
Third-Party Trackers, Video Slows News Sites
Purchasing Driven by Mobile Ads, Says Study
Nielsen Catalina, Crossix Team for Pharma Ad Targeting
Viral Ads Usually Are Viral For A Reason--They're Captivating
7-Eleven Launches Beacon-Based Campaign
Health Media Network, SITO Launch Mobile Point-of-Care Ad Network
Let's Put The Marketing Back Into Email Marketing
5 Traits Marketers Must Have To Succeed In The Digital Innovation Economy
A Day In The Life Of Millennials And Their Smartphones
Search & Performance Marketing Daily - Thursday, Oct. 16, 2014
Small Smartphone Screens Heat Up SEM Bid Processes
Google's 3Q Revenue Rises 20%, Takes Wrapper Off Lollipop
Evolved Search Behaviors: Takeaways For Marketers
Consumers Still Mistrust Ads, Rely More On Word Of Mouth, Nielsen, Lithium Find
Finally, Google Releases Data On Voice Search
Apple Debuts New iPads
Google's YouTube Succeeds With An Old Upfront Tactic: Scarcity
Microsoft Puts Marketing Into Products With Freemium Model
It Takes Incisive Planning And Creativity To Make Programmatic Machines Do The Right Thing
Marketers Agree: Data, Analytics Key In Marketing - But Not All Use It
What Drives Consumers: Pricing, Product Availability, User Reviews
Adelphic Taps Placed For Location-Based Targeting Data
Solving The Duplicate Content Issue
Automatic Identification Next Search Challenge
Beacons Tried for In-Store Shopping
Google's New Nexus Player Takes On Other OTT Devices
Search & Performance Marketing Daily - Wednesday, Oct. 15, 2014
Ensighten Acquires Anametrix On Heels Of TagMan Acquisition
Boo: Google's And Experian Marketing's Top Halloween Costume Searches
Adobe Predicts Smartphones Will Contribute 40% To Paid-Search Traffic In 2015
Simulmedia Strikes Another Nielsen Deal, Licenses CPG Targeting Data
Amobee To Make It Easier For Brands To Target Twitter Users
Michelle Obama Takes To Vine To Encourage Healthy Eating
Yahoo Launches DIY, Latest Digital Magazine Site
How To Drive Leads For A New Product Category Through Content
Social, Digital Brands Lead 2014 Loyalty Index
How To Earn Real Trust To Build Strong Relationships
Millennials Optimistic About The Future, Concerned About Education
Yahoo Taps 'WaPo' Exec As Ad Sales Head
Google Planning Big "Virtual Reality" Bet
Yahoo Research Says Users Nearly Twice As Engaged With 'In The Stream' Advertising
Honey, My iPhone Shrunk My Fingers!
Layoffs, Client Losses And, Well, Even More Layoffs--Not A Good Week in Adland
Will Yahoo Buy An Ad Tech Company?
30-40% Of Impressions On AppNexus 'Impossible To Verify'
Google Optimistic but Unsure of Results of Paid Fast Delivery
Digital Advertising's 'Dark Little Secret' Has Had Its Time
Why A Column About Native Advertising?
Shopkick Beaconing: $500 Million in 12 Months
Neglected Email Marketing Tools
Millennials And The 'E-Word'
Location Is Mobile's Cookie
Cross-Platform Video: Back To Basics
Search & Performance Marketing Daily - Tuesday, Oct. 14, 2014
Google Launches Android Ads Designed To Encourage Individuality, Personalization
Mark Zuckerberg Gives $25 Million To CDC To Fight Ebola Epidemic
Vdopia Says Telecom Companies Using Video To Advertise Mobile On Mobile
Google Adds Locations, Brands To Google Shopping Express Same-Day Service
Why We Don't Ignore Paid-Search Best Practices
Younger Affluent Audiences Open To Native Ads, Report Finds
Visible Measures Brings Native Ad Support To DSP
SIM Partners Hires VP To Run Global Channel
Media Stocks Take Hit As Market Drops
Google Planning Big "Virtual Reality" Bet
Hershey's, Oreos, Doritos and Cheetos All Take Backseat To iPad
Using A Link Audit To Protect Your Site From Nefarious Links
Google Same-Day Delivery Expands; Schmidt Says Amazon Is Main Competitor
How Much Do Misguided Clicks On Paid-Search Ads Cost Brands?
How Much Is That Data In The Window?
Evolve's Campaign To Get You To Watch More Than 7.5 Seconds Of An Ad
A Video Worth 10,000 Fraudulent Impressions
Why Do So Many Latino Marketing Initiatives Fail?
Search & Performance Marketing Daily - Monday, Oct. 13, 2014
Keek Brings Ads To Snapchat-Like Video Clip Social Site
Global Agency Media Deals: Trust Us Because We Are Big (And Thus Biased)
Reaching Millennial Moms Seems Straightforward, Yet Confusing
Microsoft Analytics Takes Role In Educating, Forecasting Political Outcomes
Kick(start)ed In The Gut
IPG Begins Buying Local Broadcast Programmatically: Can Target, Retarget Viewers In Near Real-Time
Snapchat Accepts Ads -- And Social Media Insider Eats Humble Pie
Google Gets 60,000 Web Link Removal Requests Based On EU Ruling
Even As Search Becomes Omnipresent, Don't Stop Asking Questions
Mobile Shoppers Spend 26 Minutes in a Store; 9% Leave Within 5 Minutes
Global Millennials Share Ideas, Desires, Can Sing 'Happy'
'The New Yorker' Interviews Edward Snowden
Brands Need To Shift From Story-Yelling To Storytelling
Using A Link Audit To Protect Your Site From Nefarious Links
Millennial Moms Active Across Screens, Mobile Impacts Purchase
Report Finds CMOs (and CSOs) Need to Accelerate Change
U.S. Email Marketers Are Landing in Spam Folders in China: Return Path
Google Testing Video Chat Feature With Real Doctors
Search & Performance Marketing Daily - Friday, Oct. 10, 2014
Mobile Holiday Commerce Continues To Rise, But Lags Behind Search, Research
How Talentsquare Grew Its Content Network
SEO Experts More In Demand In The Internet Of Things Age
iHeartRadio Available For Android Wear
How To Build Anchor Rich Text Without Resorting To Spam
Holiday High: Consumer Enthusiasm For Black Friday Strongest In Eight Years
Yahoo Wants YouTube Stars To Make Tumblr Shine
AcuityAds Names Savoy CRO
Attribution Tips For Reporting In A Cross-Device World
The Ad Sentiment Index
Apple Most Valuable Global Brand, Google Second
How Search Users' Habits Have Evolved
Nielsen Records Tiny Glitch In Ratings
Snapchat Hackers Threaten To Release Image Database
How B2B Marketers Can Save The Moribund Webinar
AOL Talks Up Cross-Device Tracking
Cross-Channel: More Than the Sum Of Its Parts
Search & Performance Marketing Daily - Thursday, Oct. 9, 2014
Google's Videos, Search Haul Behind In-Store Holiday Shopping
Apple, Google And The I 'Mecosystem' In The Age Of You
Do Teens Tick, Click With Apple Watch?
Tiffany & Co. To Hold First Live Google+ Hangout
Facebook's New Emerging Market Mobile Strategy Is A Win For Brands
Experts Project Virtual Reality, Seamless Video For Gigabit Internet
The Fine, Frenetic Advertising Week That Was
The Mobile-Video Conundrum
Bloomberg Takes Weather's Temperature, Calls It 'Clickbait'
Then & Now: Mobile & Email Marketing Predictions
WPP On Track With Rentrak: Cuts Deals To Sell Kantar, License Ratings To GroupM
Teens Flocking to Instagram, Dropping Facebook?
How Search Users' Habits Have Evolved
Media M&A Deals Dip, Dollar Volume Up
comScore Privacy Settlement Gains Approval
Q&A With Microsoft's Colborn On Programmatic
Conductor Adds Searchlight Functions Mapping Personas
Search: How To Predict Behavior Through Attitude Adjustments
ChannelAdvisor September Data: AOV Rose Nearly 34%
Search & Performance Marketing Daily - Wednesday, Oct. 8, 2014
Authenticity In FreshPet 'Apparently Kid' YouTube Campaign Drives Up Search, Web Site Visits 400%
Search Intent Data Behind The Selfie
Preparing For A Keywordless SEM World
Google Now Reads Emails, Sets Reminders For Bills Due
A Real Big Real-Time Opportunity Awaits Marketers
comScore, Datalogix Partner To Link Online Ads To Offline Sales
Native And Mobile Social Growth Shows Brands Need To Be The Sandwich, Not The Wrapper
DigitasLBi Names Jason Kodish As First Chief Data Scientist
New Ways to Target Mobile Mall Shoppers
Big Brands Team On Platform To Drive Sustainability
Phab Is Pfun - But Something Even Bigger Is Coming
NRF Forecast: Best Holiday In A Decade
YouTube App Gains Even Without Critical Acclaim
This Ad Agency and These Huge Brands Launched A New Editorial Site But They Promise 'Complete Editorial Independence'
Specific Media Expands Nielsen Partnership For Moviegoer, TV Audience Data
Beacons Provide Customer Guide for Tennis Event
Facebook May Lean on Debit Card Network for Mobile Payments
The Government Printing Office is Migrating Email System to Microsoft's Cloud
Are Teens Giving Up On Facebook? New Report Says Yes
Gmail iOS App Updated For iOS 6
The Future Of Search Won't Rely As Much On Links
Search & Performance Marketing Daily - Tuesday, Oct. 7, 2014
Facebook Holiday Ad-Buying And Consumer Network Use Off Kilter
Preparing For A Keywordless SEM World
The Mavens Are Coming
Bing Brings Movies To Local Search Through Carousel
Twitter Sues U.S. Government Over First Amendment Rights To Release National Security Request Numbers
Dollars Getting In-Gear for Holiday Spending
Microsoft Makes Email Encrypted Messages Accessible to Non-Microsoft Users
Long Tail Keywords And The Myths Surrounding Their Use
What Facebook's New 'People-Based Marketing' Really Means For Advertising's Future
Yahoo Said To Lay Off 400 In India
Epson's Google Glass Competitor
CHR Acquires Content Marketing Firm Studio One: 15th Deal Since Holding Company Launched In 2012
What If Internet Wasn't Ad-Funded?
The Ad Sentiment Index
How Smart Storytelling For Airline Brands Creates Engaged Fans
Facebook Opens Up Audience Network Widely
Sideswipes: What Happens In Vegas Stays In Utopia
Omnicom, iHeartMedia Strike $200 Million Deal
Search & Performance Marketing Daily - Monday, Oct. 6, 2014
Google, Paramount Pictures Take 'Interstellar' To Technology
SEO Gets Overlooked As Lead Generation Tool
Programmatic, Video, Mobile Driving U.S. Display Ad Growth To $37B in 2019
Why Consumers Don't Use Twitter
Yahoo Said To Buy Mobile Startup MessageMe, Ups Product Development
Adobe Debuts New Mobile Apps, Tools For Creatives
Searching For Halloween On Pinterest Pin Picks
Yahoo Courts Investment In Snapchat
Google To Build Own Messaging App - What Took So Long?
Creative Crowdsourcing: Whom Does It Really Benefit?
Industry Appears Split On Whether Programmatic Makes Advertising 'Less Human'
5 Ways To Optimize Your Mobile Site
Employees Starting to Become Part of Mobile Commerce
Cash Course - Getting Teens To Buy In
Facebook Preps Peer-To-Peer Money Transfer Feature
Apple Chief Tim Cook Marks Anniversary of Steve Jobs' Passing With Remembrance Email to Employees
JP Morgan Chase Customer Email Addresses Were Exposed in Data Breach
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