• Why Google Has Flattened
    August search market share numbers from comScore out late Wednesday reveal Yahoo gaining U.S. search market share for the second consecutive month, increasing to 21%, up from 20%, sequentially.
  • The Search For Spock: How SEO Might Help Boeing Market Commercial Space Flights
    Space geeks listen up. It may sound a bit futuristic, but a market exists to fly tourists, companies, government agencies and astronauts to the International Space Station or other low Earth orbit destinations. So, the Boeing Co. and Space Adventures have set plans in motion to market travel on Boeing commercial spacecrafts.
  • Snap Judgments On 'Instant' And Week One Of Bing Powered Yahoo
    Microsoft Bing has inched it way past Yahoo to become the No. 2 most searched on engine in the United States, according to Nielsen Co. data released Tuesday. Yahoo, Sunnyvale, Calif., fell from 14.6% to 13.1%, taking the No. 3 spot. Regardless of whether Bing powers Yahoo Search, Nielsen still credits the searches that happen on the Yahoo domain to Yahoo. That won't change, according to Shiven Ramji, vice president of Online Media Solutions at Nielsen. But, I'm most curious to find out if Google Instant, launched last week, will alter the number of searches on engines. I already know ...
  • Voice-To-Text Marketing Tool Provides Key To Consumer Intent
    Telmetrics' VoiceTrends, which analyze the sentences in consumer calls to determine intent, allows the "art of science to improve the art of marketing," according to Bill Dinan, Telmetrics president. "We start going through the transcribed conversation to find the keywords," he says. "We're looking for the action words, the ones that indicate the person needs an appointment or oil change for their car."
  • PowerPoints That Turn Into YouTube Videos Create Instant Marketing Tool
    Increasingly, video has become an educational and a motivational tool. Brainshark has developed a tool that turns PowerPoint decks into YouTube videos. The platform turns a presentation into a video slideshow formatted to upload onto YouTube with one click. The feature also adds voiceover and audio through a phone or a microphone.
  • The 'Psychic Element' And Deconstructing Google Instant
    Those who didn't listen to the Webcast or attend the press event might not know Google Instant integrates work from Google engineers that began years ago and got shelved. The work began on experimenting with partial queries, feedback as words get typed into the search box, and predictive text. The tool built in Ajax borrowed features from personalization, Google Squared, real-time search, Caffeine Index, Google Suggest, auto complete, and spelling correction.
  • Finding Clicks In Call Search Marketing
    Small-and-medium size local businesses sometimes get the short end of the stick. Advertising and search engine marketing (SEM) budgets typically remain too lean to get hand-holding marketing support. Still, many rely heavily on the Web to reconnect with existing clients and find new ones. Kenshoo Local, a Kenshoo business unit focused on SMBs, inked a deal with Mongoose Metrics providing data on how clicks lead to phone calls for local businesses.
  • A Little Birdie Told Me: Twitter As News Source
    The ongoing debate whether Twitter and Facebook can become credible sources for news similar to Google News took a blow last week after Washington Post sports columnist Mike Wise tweeted a phony scoop. He told fans Pittsburgh Steelers quarterback Ben Roethlisberger, suspended over acquisitions of sexual misconducts, would sit out for five games.
  • On The Road: Googling Travel Behavior
    Marketers know travelers rely heavily on the Internet and search engines to research destinations and fun stuff to do, but some might not know the trend to tap into mobile and video content continues to rise. In fact, in the past year, the use of mobile devices to access information for personal travel and business travel rose 8% and 25%, respectively, according to a recent study.
  • SEOmoz Web App Puts Google Analytics Integration On Road Map
    SEOmoz launched the platform Web App on Thursday, giving its 6,000 members access to a variety of SEO software, tools and reports. It the first major step, aside from announcing the deal with BrightEdge, to rebrand the company as a tools provider, rather than a SEO services provider. That's not always easy.
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