• Google's Emerging Technologies Will Create New Industries For Online Advertising
    During the past month Google executives talked about wind power, cars, Google TV and an economic indicator known as the Google Price Index, but analysts on Thursday's third-quarter earnings call really wanted to know if any have a dependable revenue stream, what's going on in its core search business and how it would capitalize on value-added services in mobile.
  • Search Reaches Turning Point With Social Integration
    What will search look like five years from now? Most marketers and search experts don't want to venture a guess because of the speed at which engineers innovate at Google, Microsoft Bing, Yahoo and Facebook is just too fast. Others going out on a limb to express their thoughts had mixed opinions.
  • Does Google Instant Generate Query Shares?
    The idea that search queries appear as they get typed generates more query traffic, and it seems people tend to interact with queries more. That's according to data released late Tuesday.
  • The Tyranny Of Paid Search
    What if advertisers had no choice when it came to bidding on paid search ads because Google became the only search engine to place media buys? In fact, what if consumers didn't have a choice either, searching online for content meant continually seeing the same query results matched to specific ads on Google; and when it came to natural search listings, all choices relied on PageRank and algorithms designed by engineers at one company, Google? What are the implications if advertisers and consumers had no choice? Looking at some of the paid search reports surfacing this week it may seem ...
  • Why It Makes Sense For Microsoft To Roll Up Massive
    In-game advertising offers benefits to brands, but with technology progressing with lightning fast speed it may not make sense to support a standalone company, but rather roll services into a publishers or an advertising business. It appears Microsoft execs might think similarly. On Friday, reports began surfacing the software giant will shut its in-game advertising unit Massive before the end of October.
  • Google Doodle Imagines John Lennon's 70th Birthday
    A set of John Lennon's fingerprints ready for auction Saturday to mark the Beatle's 70th birthday has been seized by the FBI from a Manhattan store. A federal agent confiscated the prints at the Gotta Have It! store in East 57th Street, after seeing them displayed on a catalogue of pop memorabilia.
  • Google Goggles Emerging As Search Marketing Option
    Marketers continue to struggle on how to use interactive gaming. Just about 10% pilot games through online or social channels; only 8% toy with augmented reality today, with 18% planning to try it in the future, according to Forrester Research Principal Analyst Shar VanBoskirk.
  • Google TV: Beginning Of The End Of Siloed Advertising
    Most consumer product goods (CPG) brands leave a sizable amount of paid search traffic on the table, according to a recent study. Their campaigns stall by an inability to capture more market share from competitors. Not by a lack of funds.
  • Meet Search Marketing WebVisible's Ron Burr
    On Saturday I reported WebVisible co-founder Kirsten Mangers had stepped down, after a little birdie spilled the seeds. An announcement on Monday confirmed the news, along with the appointment of Burr to CEO. He joined WebVisible as chief operating officer in 2009. Since then the company's revenue doubled.
  • Media Buyers Need Time To Think? Get Automated
    There's that "T" word again. Technology that automates media buys, cutting costs and time, giving media buyers time to think about more strategic campaigns. Most marketers seem to understand automation tools streamline media buying, but not many embrace it. Do media buyers not realize automation squeezes out excess costs from the planning process similar to the way it eliminated costs from the manufacturing supply chain.
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