Television News Daily Editions for January 2015
Television News Daily - Friday, Jan. 30, 2015
No Surprises: Super Bowl Ads Revealed On YouTube, Social Media
'Parks and Rec' Data-Mining Episode Was Eerily True To Life
Where Have You Gone, Go Daddy?
FCC Says Broadband Now Means Speeds Of 25 Mbps
Fast-Forwarding To Get To The Ads? Only After A Certain Game
YouTube To Create 'Talkable' Second-Screen Moments With Super Bowl Live-Stream Halftime Show
What A Great Time To Remind You That Football is Stupid
Consumers Prefer Digital Standalone TV, But Most Wouldn't Cord Cut
A Top Super Bowl Ad We All Hated
Dish TV Carries El Rey
Kids Mimic Their Parents; That's Why Nickelodeon Is Jumping Online
An Open Letter To The Most Important Viewers Of The Big Game
Fans Want To Go Deeper With Super Bowl Brands
In Pre-Bowl Spot Lexus Touts RC F With RC (Radio-Controlled) Cars
Nickelodeon To Offer Digital Video Service
TWC Records Lower Revs, Subscribers
Toddler Bowl Joins This Sunday's Fray
Loctite, Fallon Are 'Positive' With First Super Bowl Spot
NEW! Football To The Face Turns Marcia Brady Into Danny Trejo In Snickers' Super Bowl Ad
Sounds Logical, But Targeting Political Ads Isn't So Easy
Warner Bros., Sony Launching Streaming Service in SE Asia
Avocados From Mexico To Air First-Ever Super Bowl Spot
Television News Daily - Thursday, Jan. 29, 2015
Super Bowl Ads Sell Out At $4.5M Per Spot
Anyone With Eyes Can See That Commercial Clutter Is On The Rise
Super Bowl Ads: Still Looking For The Edge, On Purpose
When Will Apple TV Really Get In The Game
Meredith's TV Stations Air 60% Ad Rev Rise
Can Grace Helbig Figure Out TV?
No On Time Guarantee: Comcast/TWC Extend Merger Deadline
TWC Records Lower Revs, Subscribers
Avoiding The Super Bowl Stunt Factor
Hopper, Backwards: Dish Service Allows Replay To Skip Super Bowl, Only Show Ads
Product Videos Boost Ecommerce Spend
Hulu: Viewability Focus Led To More Ad Spend
Viacom's Ad Revs Dip 6%, Overall Revs Up 5%
How Media Is Trying To Get New In A Hurry
Split Decision: Volvo Sweeps Global Creative Awards Market
Will The NFL Ever Shake Its Domestic Violence Image?
PSAs That Pack A Punch: Domestic Violence's Star Turn
MilkPEP 'Get Real' Campaign Tapping Social To Battle Misconceptions
Bloomberg Business Launches Flagship Site
In Nissan's New Super Bowl Spot, Dad's A Race Car Driver
NEW! Pierce Brosnan Typecast As Action Hero In Kia Super Bowl Ad
Squarespace And Jeff Bridges Will Put You To Sleep, On Purpose, In Super Bowl Spot
Coca-Cola Launches Online Videos Prior To Super Bowl -- First Stars Danica Patrick
Snoop Dogg And Gilbert Gottfried Star In EAT24's First Super Bowl Ad
Television News Daily - Wednesday, Jan. 28, 2015
Cable Nets Add Ad Inventory, Broadcast Trims Back
TV News Like Social Media News: Here Today, Gone Tomorrow
'View,' 'Biggest Loser' Stories Demonstrate Futility Of Denials
GoDaddy Pulls Its Super Bowl Ad, Maybe Because It's Horrible
WWE Digital TV Pays Off
When Will Apple TV Really Get In The Game
Britvic New Strategy To Appeal To More Adults
TV's Addressable Future Is Closer Than You Think
Groups Set To Tweet About Gender Equality During Super Bowl Ads
How Facebook Is Trying To Unlock The Money In Online Video
Fraud, Viewability Lead Ad Tech 'Trends To Watch'
Snapchat's 'Discover' Gives Publishers A Video Showcase
Marketers Must, and Will, Invest In Marketing, Data Expertise
Netflix Big Data Really May Just Be Ted Sarandos
Netflix Declares War On Linear TV With A Show Aired Every Tuesday? Confused?
NEW! Kim Kardashian Pokes Fun At Herself, Laughs All The Way To The Bank, In T-Mobile Super Bowl Ad
Is GoDaddy Up To Its Old Tricks?
The Super Bowl Will Be Measure Of Facebook's Video Success
Television News Daily - Tuesday, Jan. 27, 2015
'Downton's' Rude Miss Bunting: Is She The Most Hated Character On TV?
Forecast: Global Ad Spend Slows, Highest In Emerging Markets
When Do We Need To Revise The 'Up' Part Of The Word Upfront?
Fox Networks Taps Lefkowitz As EVP, Ad Sales
Super Bowl XLIX: 3 Tips To Score A Cross-Screen Creative Touchdown
Coke Airing Super Bowl Ad Teasers on TV; Also Offering Supporting Videos Online
Yes, We Watch Online, But Overwhelmingly We Watch TV Fare
Hyundai Renews Deal With Grammys With Third 'Amplifier' Program
A Super Bowl Visit Means Super Bucks
McDonald's Super Bowl Ad Sneak Peek Promises 'New Form of Payment'
Snapchat's 'Discover' Gives Publishers A Video Showcase
AT&T Taps Fluent For Millennial Marketing Projects
Golfers Couples, Funk Featured In New Mitsubishi Electric Ads
NEW! Volvo's Super Bowl Campaign Uses Competing Automaker's SB Ads To Grab Attention, Save Millions
Television News Daily - Monday, Jan. 26, 2015
Ad-Supported TV Tops Online Video
Quality TV Shows Everywhere, But What About Off-Network Comedies?
NBC Spy Drama 'Allegiance' Survives Comparison With 'The Americans'
British Director In Final 10 To Win $1m Super Bowl Doritos Prize
Average Super Bowl Spending To Be $77.88
Yes, We Watch Online, But Overwhelmingly We Watch TV Fare
Sneak Peek At Netflix's New Comedy From Tina Fey
NFL, YouTube Partner Up
A LUMA-style Depiction Of TV As It Collides With Digital
Super Bowl Teams Kick-Start More Social Buzz Than Other NFL Teams
Amazon Takes One-Quarter of Holiday Sales Of Video Games, Videos In UK
AOL Debuts A Mini-Newscast, And A Comedy, 'That's Racist'
Super Bowl 2015: Deflating Footballs, Maybe Pumped-Up Viewership
YouTube Forcing Artists Into "Music Key" Service
Unilever Launches Global Media Review
Two On-Ramps To the Audience Buying Superhighway
Hot Spot: In Old Spice Nightmare, Crews Marries Self
BBC Debuts "Taster" To Test New Content
Television News Daily - Friday, Jan. 23, 2015
Is This TV's Worst Show?
Super Bowl 2015: Deflating Footballs, Maybe Pumped-Up Viewership
Hulu Makes Series Deal With RocketJump
AT&T Buy Of DirecTV Makes U-verse Profitable
I Cried That I Had No Bread Bags For My Shoes -- And Then I Met A Man With No Feet
Nine Memorable Takeaways From Obama's Live YouTube Interview
Sports TV Comprises Most Cable Costs
My First Super Bowl Ad
Fullscreen's New Film Unit Wants To Take YouTube Stars To Big Screen
Linear TV Boosted By Online Viewing
I'm Not Hyped For Pepsi's Super Bowl Halftime Show
Most Brands Aren't Getting What They Are Paying For In Super Bowl
A LUMA-style Depiction Of TV As It Collides With Digital
Snapchat Story, Pre-Game Spot To Support New Mtn Dew Kickstart Flavors
Two On-Ramps To the Audience Buying Superhighway
Facebook Makes Big Pitch For Super Bowl Ad Dollars
HBO's OTT Offering Could Change Pay-TV Game
New Content Push From Snapchat, Tumblr Show A Growth Dynamic
Turn Adds New 'Deal ID' Partners For Mobile, Video
Clarification: Q4 Revenue Estimates
'Empire' Is Rising On Fox
Programmatic Video Coupled With TV Drives Best Results For Campaign
Skittles Releases Second Teaser for Super Bowl
NEW! Strong Residents Aim To 'Settle It' In Skittles' Super Bowl Teaser
NEW! Dads Show #RealStrength In Dove Men + Care Super Bowl Spot
Television News Daily - Thursday, Jan. 22, 2015
Local TV Benefits From Targeting Mobile Users
Fox's 'Backstrom' Is Gruff, But Not Yet Lovable
Searching For Commercial Skipping: Look Fast, It's Disappearing
Dish Gets Partial Win In Battle Over Streaming TV
Quad Play Is The Only Game In Town - Whither Vodafone And 3?
comScore Brings Pre-Bid Data To Programmatic Marketplace
Agencies Continue To Decrease TV Ad Spend
MediaCom Takes CMA Best In Show For Pennzoil's Mario Karting
Snickers Teases Super Bowl Ad; Challenges Fans To Trigger Pre-Game Full-Ad Release
Newcastle 'Milks' Pre-Game Buzz
Whirlpool's Big Grammy Push A First
Hot Spot: The Angels' Not-So-Secret Super Bowl Play
NEW! Danny Trejo Plays Marcia Brady In Snickers' Super Bowl Teaser Ad
Small Donations Make Big Difference For Best Friends Animal Society
BBC Says More Demand For BBC1+1 But Little Support For BBC3
Why Is It So Quiet? It's Almost the Super Bowl!
comScore's Inventory Packages Blend Programmatic, Direct
Television News Daily - Wednesday, Jan. 21, 2015
Local TV Syndies Beat Cable Syndication
Small-Market TV News Gets Reality-Show Treatment On TruTV
Netflix Adds 4.3M Subscribers, Heading For 60M Worldwide
When Should You Start Worrying About Netflix -- And When Should You Stop?
Digital Up, TV Dips In Q4 Media Spend
Hoping To Become Your TV Ritual -- Sans Hairspray
Industry Applauds Obama's State Of The Union Focus On Digital Concerns, Country Favors Taxing Wealthy
Obama Online: Much Ado About Nothing?
IAB Study: Programmatic Tech, Data Remain Daunting Challenge Marketers Will Overcome
Where Viewability Is Today -- And Why It's Critical For Digital's Tomorrow
Reconsidering The Pros and Cons Of Debuting Super Bowl Ad Online
Super Bowl Winner? This Year, Odds Are On Daddy
Premiere Networks Tap Shapiro As VP Sports Programming
Google Football-Related Searches Spike Leading Up To Super Bowl
Menopause Supplement Launches 'Monologues' Campaign
Kellogg Seeks Input In New 'Open for Breakfast' Campaign
OTA Releases Guidelines On Privacy Assessment, Best Practices
NEW! M&M's Crispy Candies Are Back, Yellow Tells All 'Fans'
Vessel, With An Exclusive Video Window, Starts Now
Television News Daily - Tuesday, Jan. 20, 2015
Rentrak, WPP's Kantar Shopcom Strike Data Exchange Deal
We Need A Little Dick Cavett
comScore Launches Video Metric Platform
How'd He Do? Larry Wilmore Joins The Late-Night Club
NBC Offers Free Super Bowl-Themed TV Everywhere Trial
BBC3 Is Not For Sale, But Will Move Online And Off TV
Lights, Camera, Amazon!
NFL Championship Games Top Most TV Shows
Marriott Tests Providing Netflix, Hulu, Pandora Access To Guests
Think Social's Over-Hyped? Don't Worry, It Isn't Just You -- And The Data Can Prove It
Buzzr TV Joins TV Diginet Race
French TV Show Takes on Fox & Friends in Email Push
It's Time To Face Some Advertising Truths
Alcohol Ads Linked To Underage Drinking
'Celebrity Big Brother' Continues To Keep High Ratings
Mr. Sketch Smells Sweet For BBH NY
NEW! Toronto Crime Stoppers Launches 'Cookin' With Molly' PSA
Television News Daily - Monday, Jan. 19, 2015
Never Boring FX Justifies Its Reputation As TV's Best Network
NBC To Release Daily Digital Video Estimates Of TV Shows
The Real Importance Of Local Cable Advertising
NFL, CBS Kick Off With More 'Thursday Night Football'
Used Car Dealers And Carny Folk....You're Lookin' Good!
LAFF Debuts On Katz Broadcasting
Do Streaming Video Services Threaten The Video Ad Market?
For Best Buy, TVs Are Strong, Tablets Weak
TV Chiefs Hunt For 'Next Big Thing'
Think Social's Over-Hyped? Don't Worry, It Isn't Just You -- And The Data Can Prove It
DiGiorno Taps Terry Bradshaw For Online Super Bowl Push
BBC News Revamps Web Site, App
Del Monte Experiments With Content Marketing
BW3 Turns Social Commentary Into Game Recaps
Correction: NBC Digital Research Attribution
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